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A rough theory on mass murder

December 14, 2012

There’s been another school shooting, and with it, theories on what caused it.  If you’re here expecting me to put money on the Gun Control versus Armed Teachers debate, I’ll have to ask you to stop eyeing my pockets and go get your seat over there for the inevitable cage match.  If waiting for the cage match is asking for too much, then realizing that what we do with the guns are only half of the story should be easier.

What I’m more interested in is whatever the mainstream media machine won’t give much consideration to. Could this be some event meant to count down to that Mayan calendar thing some people are worried about on the 21st – seven days from now?  Could it actually have been a verifiable mental illness and not just “he doesn’t have a 100% compliance rate to social norms!  Oh no!”?


Or it could be what some in the Manosphere have been alluding to months now. The ease with which men can disconnect and are disconnecting from most of society already threatens certain political ideologies that depend on their active enslavement. It also threatens society as a whole, to varying degrees. The disconnection alone isn’t the problem, nor is it a super-accurate predictor of America’s Next Top Psycho, but it is a necessary precondition, and for a simple reason that future blog posts are liable to repeat and elaborate upon:

Those with little to live for will see little point to living, for themselves or others.

Call it evil, call it the Culture of Death, call it whatever makes you feel better.

There’s no doubt in my mind that these no-longer-surprising developments will continue, and that men of the middle class or lower will be the perpetrators. Why would it be otherwise? Only those men have to put up: [1]-a society insisting that to help them is to hurt women/gays/etc or otherwise unnecessary, [2]-a lack of real sympathy and empathy for the misfortunes that befall them, [3]-harsh punishment for not conforming to norms that will be used against them, and [4]-the myth of male privilege.  Anyone else can go complain about their identity-related troubles and feel better, or if not better, acceptably entitled to their anger.  Now, if you’re used to the luxury of thinking that men will always be willing to put up with crap and that their thresholds for it are so high as to be practically infinite, it may shock you to realize that there is always a one-in-many risk of someone losing their shit completely.  Go ahead and get shocked anyway, and while you’re at it, remember that these public massacres are a recent trend, beginning around the time that the first children of the Boomer Generation would have reached adulthood.

The tendency for these public shootings to end in suicide would be a good fit with the existing statistics on male suicide, which in a way, is what these murder sprees are really about.   After the deaths of their masculine self-worth, external value, and hopes for advancement, why not resort to some gun-play?  Guns are macho, so they all say. Suicide or suicide by cop, not so much, but the shooter won’t be around to hear your cheap derision anyway. Neither will their unfortunate victims.


Today’s miscellaneous news (Dec-05-2012)

December 5, 2012

Possibly the first in a new post category, but don’t expect much for now…


(I wanted to embed Symphonia, but I can’t. Same goes for ARIA.)
Keiko Kubota turns 27. I only found this out by messing around on Tumblr’s search long enough to land here.


(Nice things are so hard to have these days…)
A 3D Streets of Rage remake? Cancelled? What kind of tomfoolery is this?


Pictured: Extreme curiosity
“Extremely curious” isn’t how I’d describe Apple not going after Google in a more direct manner. It’s more like “an eye for an eye”, since IIRC, Apple manufactures its own products while Google does not. What’s curious is how long it would be before Apple and Microsoft go after each other as aggressively in the mobile market.

This crap again? Yup.

November 29, 2012

Ever read one of the many articles in the online videogame journalism community about plots in games? One that tells us we need more “diverse” narratives and “diverse” gameplay outside of violence? One that demands something other than a bald, stubbly, middle-aged white guy as the main protagonist of the story? One that would somehow make the queers and the women not feel offended by anything?

Let me tell you right now – we don’t deserve that as much as we think we do. Cliches are all the rage, in case you haven’t heard. The crisis of the week, like every week, is your weekly rehash of a bunch of tired tropes*.

“Women have been talked down to at conventions! By men! Therefore, all men are guilty by association!”

“Men have it so easy in games. Everything caters to them (even when it doesn’t).”

“People talk to me like I’m a visible woman with a body. Why don’t men have to deal with that?”

Look, I’m not going to make threats of rape and death for any woman that hopped on the #1reasonwhy twitter trend. However, I’m also not going to be tricked into taking responsibility for what another person totally unrelated to me did to offend your sensibilities. This isn’t even about the hurdles women face in the industry anyway. Anyone paying attention knows gender parity is nowhere near being achieved, but it is being worked on. The problem is that these situations always turn into the internet equivalent of a game of “Yes, dear”. No one cares about the women that have supportive colleagues. No one cares about the straight males that are sick of clumsy attempts at pandering to their assumed fetishes, only to create controversy instead. No one cares about the men not saying “I’m responsible, and I’m sorry” or “Go get raped you whore”. No one cares about any of those things more than they do about women laying on the guilt trips and scared men falling for it. Therefore, fuck it, I’m not wringing my hands and crying crocodile tears.

You want to talk about teenagers on Xbox Live flinging slurs like poo? Not until we talk about how many of them are raised by permissive parents who fail at their job. You want to talk about trade show staff questioning your talent and interest in games? I hope you got that staffer’s name and reported him to his boss, because I can’t do a thing about him. You want to know why men don’t have sexual comments made towards them? Because most men aren’t gay, and women aren’t going to view men as sexual beings that often, pervasive myths of sexual liberation be damned. Men are supposed to be scary and dangerous, and our society has plenty of real-world ways to reinforce that supposition.

*Compare to last week’s woman crisis of the “Fake Nerd Girl”, spawned from big media trend-makers in order to rile women up. Go for the grating video, stay for the unfunny webcomic.

Feel the burn…out

November 21, 2012

First, go catch up on the news if you haven’t already. You’ve got Hawaiian Libertarian, The Private Man, and others for a quick summary. In short, quite a few bloggers have decided to quit. After reading some final postings, I understand why – not just because of the common themes, but because I feel as though I’m closing in on that point. Jack Donovan explains it best.

Quite frankly, I’m going to give up on the notion that I can sustain this blog on my contempt towards a society that not only has myriad ways of hating men but disguises it as hatred of women half the time. Only so much energy can be wasted on that before the time comes where I look back and ask what it has accomplished. Even when I didn’t have a crappy job with long hours, as I currently do, I couldn’t motivate myself to go out there and rip apart the latest stupidity on the internet. There’s way too much of it for a mediocre blogger like me to handle and still have free time left over. The risk of getting way too repetitive and steeped in negativity was higher than I was okay with. Thus, very sporadic posting was all I could do. It makes me wonder how bloggers other than those that closely follow our looming police state could find it in them to do at least near-daily posts if not several posts a day. Is it the spare computer time in a boring office job? Dedication to informing anyone who will listen? Really supportive family or friends? Very quick thought-to-draft-to-publish times of no more than a half hour per 1000 words? I can only guess.

To answer the question “Is the Manosphere at serious risk of collapse?”, I find it unlikely outside of internet censorship being enacted. The inherent contradictions of a leftist, feminist society will drive enough new people away from it so that there is always a chance of someone maintaining a presence on the other side of the internet. Any man or woman with enough dignity will get fed up with the bullshit. Particularly with regards to Game, compare “Get physically fit and emotionally confident, approach women, pay more attention to their actions than their words, escalate quickly, and get used to frequent rejections between successes” to the dozens of contradictions and cheap rationalizations in feminist dating advice such as what you’ll find over at feminist suck-up dating blogs like “doctornerdlove“. Isn’t it obvious that women run the dating market when they are the ones that must never be criticized no matter what lies they’d have you believe? People could be honest about feminist society making sure men are seen as far less desirable people  and women as far more desirable people. Alas, the misery that comes with selling equality myths must be a great feeling since they don’t want to let go of it.

More than anything, I hope what’s to come from the Manosphere will be enough to counter the seemingly endless tide of hypersensitive social justice whiners and their self-hating men enthralled by women dependent upon their neuroses. I already expect the arrival of a multitude of people with a large pool of sex-based special descriptors to choose from. They will insist that if only those offensive heterosexual men would just be their doormats, but more gay or trans or asexual or queer, the world would be safer for all. Unfortunately, the world will continue to suck if society is so hollow and decayed that obsessing over sex is the primary thing that gives us our worth.

I’m just gonna say these things now…

November 12, 2012

…before Mojo closes up The Neckbeard Chronicles and Generation Nihilism follows suit…

While there’s been several recent cases of Manosphere blogs closing down and removing their content, I hadn’t really thought much of it besides that either the author just got sick of keeping it there or that political censorship was involved. However, both of these two blogs’ final posts have made it clear that in a way, closing down a blog should be a sign that one is serious about pursuing a goal either somewhere else online or in real life. Not that this means the reason I haven’t been blogging much lately is due to hard work on a project, but I have been preoccupied with several side projects on the small scale. There’s not much motivation or time for ripping apart just one more piece of feigned internet outrage. I inefficiently spend too much time as is on planning the next step or fixing some problem with where I currently am along my goals. Why the hell would I want to pick apart some social justice mind-fuckery whose only real goal is to impotently wage war against normal people? Why would anyone want to do so besides the prospect of extracting a very astute observation from it? It just isn’t worth it when you know that time is being diverted from things you’d really love to do.

All that said, I do not intend to quit blogging soon, if only because I know I can do a bit better somewhere or another. I might go on hiatus, though formally announcing it is kinda useless when I already do it anyway. If nothing else, I want to do a few posts based on certain concepts that I think need exploration through a Manosphere lens, since the rest of the internet will only bend and twist whatever they find to suit their political needs, as with last week’s elections. You’re likely to have heard about how it’s just so great that women and latinos and gays got to speak up, never mind that elections haven’t offered heterosexual men anything relevant to their lives in years. All we get is conveniently timed bullshit about “rape” and the insinuation that a pack of despised Republicans are the only ones worth speaking for us. It makes for great outrage fodder, but it won’t stop the decline, and this arguably unstoppable decline can’t be enjoyed when being a unpaid blogger takes up large amounts of your free time.

Therefore, I have a changed blogging goal now: work on some concept posts, and focus on keeping them available. Closing up shop can come sometime after that.

Booth babes and white knights

October 9, 2012

Gamasutra’s weekly roundups of video game criticism haven’t been that great in a while, but I’ve still been reading them. Lately, there’s been some stinking turd of a trend where feminist goons try to sell the story of evil straight males traumatizing sensitive women while the patriarchal world watches, and that’s when they’re not in “you go grrl! threaten those useless men!” mode. This week, they linked to an article on Gameranx about harassment of women on convention floors.

I read through it at work on my phone, so I didn’t check the youtube video embedded. Instead, I went through the supposedly dreadful comments and took note of the cognitive dissonance between creepy white knight Wesley Copeland’s framing and the argument over the woman who got motorboated. From Copeland’s writing, I’d have thought it was some psycho white guy chasing some booth babes and forcefully groping others, all while laughing like Albedo (at 3:13). The fact that there was even an argument over whether a woman consenting to motorboating in public really constituted harassment also made me suspicious. Obviously, if there was real trouble on the convention floor, security would be called and the story would be “sexual harasser pursued (if not caught and arrested) at Eurogamer Expo”, right?

After watching the video later, all I could feel was “WTF?”, but not for the reason I’m supposed to. I saw a black guy making an ass of himself. I saw not one of the people he talked to walk away in disgust or call him out on his behavior in a space where it would have been safe to do so. I saw a black guy who was playfully flirting with women*. I saw something that was probably prepared in advance to some degree. I saw things that made me wonder why Copeland was so dead set on sticking up for these imaginary distressed damsels.

That article, more than any other concerning offended women at conventions, has convinced me that men writing about this stuff in this way are doing nothing more than pandering to their feminist fanbase with emotional trigger porn. That Copeland called these acts “vile, and frankly disturbing” shows that he wishes to empathize with angry, bitter women that can’t tell vulgar social pranks from full-on assault. Let these creepy pretenders put on their performances of guilt-laden masculinity for the fem-porn audience. Just don’t remind them that women aren’t expected to or fond of empathizing with men or you’ll get an load of crap trying to justify one-way gender equality…

* If you have to ask why he made sexual advances toward women and not men, just remember that gays are a minority.  Take your subversive LGBT agenda back to its leftist echo chamber while you’re at it.

Misanthropic Modern Childrearing

October 7, 2012

Note: This post was somewhat inspired by “Generation OPP” at Unleash The Beef

In light of recent personal events that I have experienced, I find myself questioning the state of certain family arrangements these days. Not the obvious stuff like “Does a child fare better with a mother and father or something else?” or “Should one have children they can’t afford?”, but something more pointed. When I see a teenaged boy going around and being a nuisance to whoever he can, I wonder about how this plays into ‘The System’, so to speak.

Maybe some single mothers are practically paid in welfare money to raise troublemakers. Without an involved father in the boy’s presence, that’s likely to happen anyway. He’ll be who knows where, she’ll be glued to the couch if not the bed (and possibly on drugs), and little Timmy (or T-Dog to his friends because Timmy sounds too “gay”) is out causing all kinds of problems. Calling the police won’t help, and delivering punishment by one’s own hands turns the police onto said deliverer of punishment. While lil’ Timmy (which is probably more in these days than T-Dog) won’t confess to his activities in order to cover his ass, he also doesn’t have to feel embarrassed to admit he likes starting serious shit for fun. He doesn’t even have to fear his mother taking action other than screaming so many threats you’d think she could do vocals for a metal band.

Maybe raising an army of psycho children gives the elites what they want: a way for men to be cowed into appeasement, a way for women to be lured by their ‘gina tingles/man-bad-woman-good feminism into making excuses, and a way for ever-expanding government to justify its continued ineffective existence. As tempted as I may be to take some other woman’s child and smack them around a bit, I can’t do that (without setting myself up as an unidentifiable assailant) without being arrested. Damned if I do, damned if I don’t, and a win/win for them. Arranging for an black-ops “this faggot is gay, beat him up” scenario solves the immediate problem of how to handle a potential lifelong criminal, but also gives the media their oppressive homophobic male moment.

All I can know for certain is that I’ll never have a child until I can be certain that I will be there for their first twenty years to support them and set them right. I don’t quite hate humanity enough yet to inflict another unwanted, uncivilized brat on the public.