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I missed the news for this?

March 4, 2013

I am not the most informed man by any metric. Someday, I may suffer for that lack of information. If I were focused on uncovering facts with most of my free time, I’d have less to fear, though not necessarily less to be wary of. One of the few benefits I think I have of ignoring most of the news is that I get to ignore the inanities associated with it.

I didn’t watch the Oscars, because I knew it had nothing to offer me. Not everyone thinks like me though, so of course that means some people are taken in by faked displays of hate. Once again, “misogyny” was the real star of the show, and the Worst Troll went to that Onion tweeter who called a child a cunt. You want to know why these things are as fake as WWE? It’s because the tweeter wasn’t fired and forced to apologize in front of cameras. It’s because whatever fun was had at some actresses’ expense, they were part of the uber-privileged Hollywood set and in no real danger as a result of vulgar humor. The purpose of the internet fury over such a weak-ass industry event was to get another hit of the same old drug*.

Man threatens vulnerable woman…

The (lack of) fun doesn’t end there. Let’s take out the “vulnerable woman” part so it’s just “Man threatens”. Now change “man” to “boy”. Thanks to the gun hysteria that our government can’t help but be pleased with, some ignoramuses are seeing boys threaten their utopian fantasies. Boy tries to make a mountain from a Pop-Tart? Too bad! It looked more like a gun! Boy shows a picture of a BB gun! Oh noez! He must be planning a bloodbath! Change “boy” back to “man”, and beware men in public watching videos of guns not part of movies, music videos, or videogames!

The collapse of America must really be around the corner, given the way that anything truly threatening to the ruling elite can immediately be found and suppressed, but things that are meant to scare the proles just happen to find a way to get disseminated with little in the way of punishment.

* – The same old drug that’s only bad for you when it’s part of a fictional work in which justice (usually embodied by another man) saves the day.

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