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Need I go on?

February 16, 2013

If you’ve ever wanted to de-lurk on this blog, now is a good time.

The day might be near where I’ll go on a much-needed hiatus from reading blogs and opinion pieces on the internet. Wiser people before me have considered these things poison, and I’m beginning to really agree, most likely from exposure to what is usually called The Red Pill within the Manosphere/Androsphere/etc. It’s something about reading the same few predominant lies and distortions of reality that must be leading to all this “depression” others on the internet will claim to experience, and most won’t admit it.

Maybe I should go back to playing more games – to spite David Cage and all of the other leftist asshats who whine about violence in games today. There’s a rich irony in women deriding videogames as “power fantasies” even as they gain incredible power from misrepresenting male feelings and shouting down enough dissidents to make themselves feel really threatened. A major media figure has yet to ask why a bunch of leftist women don’t just form a studio and put in the hard work to make real games. I’m sure of this because if one had asked the question, it would have been all over the media with hollow cries of sexism and misogyny, never mind the fact that this is what men are expected to do. They ask why so many games rely on men saving damsels in distress or blowing up hostile forces, but never why there aren’t nearly as much women saving men or fighting off enemies. It’s like they’re admitting that women shouldn’t have to do anything worthwhile to get what they want.

Maybe I should go out and talk to more people (in a controlled environment) – to remind myself that this whole male = creepy rapist thing is an internet meme and not an epidemic. It terrifies me a bit how many men are spending their early years learning that the world is right to fear them and treat them like crap because a few men’s crimes are far more important than most men’s freedoms. I’ve talked to some women who were probably wanting me to take the conversation further, except that I was too scared to come off as desperate or invasive. I should be testing my hypothesis that less exposure to internet feminism results in less social anxiety and less fear of predatory men. The theory is sound, and we all know that men have no problem treating women like people.

Maybe I should put far more work into my projects – because practicing an instrument for about 30 minutes twice a week can’t be good. Having some kind of practical or artistic ambition should be a necessity for any adult, and yet all I seem to see is people fixated on sex, drugs, and/or anger. I fear that I’m becoming some kind of snob because of this, but then I see the alternative and feel like I know where our culture’s intellectual bankruptcy comes from. If every mother who complains of going crazy from being stuck at home alone for a few hours a day was told to get a hobby and suck it up (like we tell men), we might have less nutcases being let out into the rest of the world.

There might be some point in my continued blogging, though I haven’t done any groundbreaking posts or kept up a proper daily schedule. The problem is the inefficiency that comes with a post sometimes taking hours to finish, due to obsessive over-checking of links and paragraphs. If I’ve resolved to not be beholden to refuting whatever politically-motivated lie erupts in a particular week, that kinda limits some of what I can cover. If I do refute the lies, they keep coming like the cannon fodder in a zombie apocalypse and the internet depression sets back in…deeper. Maybe I’m overestimating the amount of the outside world that regards straight men as more than boring, untrendy strawcreatures to pull out when one needs to re-commit to their ideology, but then that just makes things worse. Something seduces women and liberal men about the idea that because a particular institution has more men than women in its prestigious positions, it automatically benefits more men than women. That isn’t surprising given that as society is now, everyone but those boring, untrendy straight men get to be unique, diverse people. It just so happens that they’re the ones online that might be the last line of defense against an expanding state, bent on power and spreading fear.

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