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The internet soured me on sex

February 2, 2013

Back in my high school days, I had regular interactions with girls. Some of these interactions included some friendly flirting. Other than the Biblical instruction to not have sex outside of marriage, I never felt any serious problems with my sexual identity.

Years later, I struggle with lots of things. I have to regularly battle with the many guilt trips foisted on a heterosexual man. I am repeatedly told that the least common denominator of sexualized entertainment represents me. Even thought I’ve never doubted my desire for a woman, I’ve made the idiotic mistake of suppressing it in hopes of not being “creepy”. Why do I have to deal with this?

It’s (a part of) the internet, that great driver of social isolation and meme dissemination.

Because I’ve had regular employment for a few months now, I get to hear some of my male co-workers’ conversations. There’s been talk about hot sex with hot women, getting wasted at parties, women over 30 still being attractive and fuckable, and so on. What’s missing? Rape, misogyny, and other things the leftist blogosphere pushes out. Gay men are disgusting, men and women are different, and women are only open about their sexuality if they have a boyfriend. It’s almost enough to make me think that leftist sexual pathologies are less effective if one does not spend too much time on blogs. I even think that this is why social media is supposedly such a great thing now compared to a few years ago. Back then, since more men were thought to have a social media presence, it was horrible, but women run the show now and things are just so much better, according to the chattering classes. If a man says something (sexually) offensive and he has something women want, like some decent earning potential or a high position, they can have him out of that position, possibly with a crappy apology to follow.  What’s not great about that?

Thanks to feminism washing over more of society, a population trained to hate men more than ever is being subject to scare tactics and concern trolling. It’s not just how Sandy Hook was used to promote gun control and hate on masculinity, but many other things that have a similar feel to them.

Last post, I ragged on an “Objectify a Man Day” event planned for February 1, even though it was cancelled a few days before then. I wish the cancellation had been explicitly due to the organizers realizing how stupid the idea was. Instead, that point is buried under the proper liberal jargon about how not everyone is straight and male with icky straight male feelings. Not mentioned? The lack of genuine sexual interest in men that feminism encourages. I can only be exposed to so much politically-motivated outbursts of newfound sexual desire in women before I question whether that intense sexual desire can exist otherwise. If women don’t care much for traditional gender roles, then what can explain their silence about sexuality in public and refusal to approach men? Oh, that’s right – it’s also what happens when feminism provides incentives for women to fear men and only notice them when given reason to feel that fear.

What is it about pushing an image of average straight male as predator that feminism likes so much, despite protestations to the contrary? Is it just the dark side of the apex fallacy? If judging most men by the successes of the top few is so liberating to women, then maybe judging most men by the crimes of the bottom rung is even better for them. It could explain the surprise that we are bombarded with upon realizing that men can still be straight even if they’re not threatening or feminist suck-ups.

Back so many years ago, I naively thought using the internet to learn about sex would have held some kind of benefit. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case. Now my mind just bounce between paranoia and contempt. When will the next controversy come along to tell us that one man’s offense is every man’s sin? What new ad campaign won’t temporarily invoke paranoia in me by making me wonder if I am merely being pandered to by some marketer that mocks my sexual preference even as they want money for catering to it? How badly do I hate these people for giving the feminist media machine what it wants? Do I start praying to God to destroy some Hollywood director’s career? Do I applaud the rapists that are required story components for any feminist story on their sexual experiences? Will purging myself of any and all blogosphere reading also purge these demons from my mind? Is it even possible to live life these days without sexual neurosis of some kind? If it is, then the root of the problem must be identified and fought.

The root of the problem is with our sexualized culture* and what some take that to mean. Thanks to being told crap like “romance is an illusion” and “sex is liberating”, people can be made to believe complete bullshit. So many infuriating trend articles have been published out of a need to continuously reinforce the expectation that modern sexualized culture is the preferred default in a majority of the public mind. Anything that opposes this notion is only permissible with sufficient leftist twisting of an otherwise simple idea. The media blares out “sex!, drugs!, psuedo-rebellion!”, and my mind responds “DO NOT WANT!”. I don’t care for raunchy music videos and internet pornography precisely because it feels like that’s all the elite are comfortable with me enjoying. Not only do I think romance and intimacy are possible even now, I also think that they are enemies of feminism and can oppose it when harnessed properly. Why else does everything have to be pushed toward sex, or rather the idea that men are invasive predators of otherwise unbothered women? The real objectification out there now – that the media will not properly cover anytime soon – is the idea that men should preferably be noticed for their actual or potential evil before anything else. Tie this to sex, and it’s easy to see where such garbage as “rape culture” comes from. This is what happens when sex is stripped of any emotional or spiritual connection and used as a way to attack one’s ideological enemies – we all suffer for it.

* – link from Angry Harry

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