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Another stupid feminist idea

January 25, 2013

Elie MacDowell from Zero no Kiseki

Obligatory sexist sexy image of Elie MacDowell from Zero no Kiseki. Taken from Danbooru (ads may be NSFW).

Somewhere out there, a malicious meme has inserted itself into the minds of liberals.

“Men complimenting women on their appearance belittles everything else about them!”, the meme goes. As soon as someone says this, you know that person is a misandrist nutcase who believes male + attraction toward female = danger! It is a religious belief that should be mocked, and mock it I will.

For the newest male guilt-a-thon of games culture, there’s “Objectify a man day”. Such an inane concept could only come from the minds of feminists who betray their hatred and ignorance of male sexuality.

Why else would a day like this be necessary other than for feminists to show their self-inflicted neurosis to the world? To assume that taking one measly day to compliment men on their appearance is somehow going to gain them political converts makes me question the sanity and sexuality of some women in game journalism. It’s as if they think men love hurting women’s feelings by admitting that they find something physically appealing about them (so much for being vulnerable and opening up). With such an attitude, I suppose trying to ironically flip the script is all that could come to mind. Sincerely finding men attractive without having to first be told that women aren’t as visual as men must be asking for too much, and yet the sexes are undeniably equal, so they say.

Posting screenshots of women with something that could turn a man on is sexist, but talking about men as if they’re only noticeable when they are violent isn’t. Men being out and proudly heterosexual about finding women pretty is sexist, but women ignoring the much larger amount of potential beefcake isn’t. In short, if men direct sexual desire toward women, it’s sexist, but when women do not direct sexual desire toward men, it’s not sexist. When you put it that way, I think I get it, but then I don’t get what’s wrong with men sexually desiring women. The bigger problem is women being disgusted about it.

I never did compliment a female journalist on their appearance, but being exposed to this garbage almost makes me want to. Reminding these women that men might find them attractive seems to be so horrifying to them that only a man could do it. If there’s anything feminists notice and love in a man, it’s the threat he poses to her. All the repeated internet drama that they cook up is its own proof.

With shit like this targeted at heterosexual men, it’s no wonder why more gays, transgendered, asexuals (etc.) are popping up on the internet. Someone other than a bunch of crazy women have to prove their radicalness by hating heterosexual men in a totally acceptable way.

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  1. January 27, 2013 11:02 am

    No man is going to feel oppressed by a woman objectifying him. Ever.

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