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All part of the plan

January 13, 2013

It’s not a coincidence that the same week we get another feminist hate session against low-tier men, we also get a government hate session against low-tier men. Internet hate against “nice guys” and government attempts to ban “violent gamers” are both rooted in obfuscating problems that aren’t the fault of average men but must be blamed on them to protect feminist egos everywhere. Thanks to these obfuscations, the ruling elites have a society in which achieving population control and an unarmed citizenry isn’t too far off for them.

Hate on “nice guys” all you want, but they’re the product of lying women and a society that provides incentives to lie. Some women lie and say they desire men who are non-threatening and attentive to them. Some women lie and say that they’re creeped out by aggressive, muscular men. After listening to all these lies, usually at a young age, boys take it as truth that lying women say these things because the women really feel that way. After enough exposure to reality, a man will realize that these lies are promoted so that women can have their feminist-traditional cake and eat it too. Between these states though, men have to endure the torment of being shamed for believing what they were told, with no sincere though toward getting women to be honest with themselves and whoever they talk to about sex. Because these lies rob men and women of satisfying relationships in the best (young adult) years of their lives, we see a jaded populace and lowered chance of successful families, just as the elites want. Even better (for feminists), there’s a bunch of women that don’t have to deal with so many icky men and their icky bodies – until they get old and desperate, then out comes the fat acceptance campaigns and shaming language. All because feminism taught women to lie about what brings men and women together in the first place.

If anything, all these “nice guys of okcupid” are missing out on is being a social validation ticket for a marxist fem-loon too scared to be a real lesbian.

The more we hear about Sandy Hook, the more the elites make their agenda clear. To them, we are to fear violent games with their guns (favored by men) and love gun control (favored by women). They’re not at all serious about lowering the amount of mass murders, and even if they were, government cannot do the job that an energetic, life-loving citizenry must be around to do. So go ahead, you powerful, soulless bastards: make it harder for a man to buy and play the next console generation’s shoot-or-slash games in peace. Make it easier for them to miss out on meaningful social connections that don’t lazily rest on heterosexual males being the worst of the worst as a foundation. Eventually, another man with nothing and no one to live for will give you and the grief-porn consumers of the public more dead innocents to fap to because faked orgasms aren’t just for penis-in-vagina sex anymore. While we’re on the topic of weapon bans, can we find out what weapon women commit most of their gruesome murders with and propose more strict controls on it too – because women are responsible – or would that make too many women faint for our white-knighting legislators to be serious about?

Don’t be fooled by how unconnected these two situations appear to be on the surface. The greater social effects of repeatedly telling men that their desires and interests are oppressive and must always be criticized if not criminalized are meant to lead to the endgame. Once no man can be found among the expendable lower classes that will resist the elite, they will declare victory and everyone not of them will realize their defeat. Celibate nice guys becoming sexually active players and high-budget FPS games with armed citizen rebellions against corrupt western governments would be the sweet music to my ears, if only because it would show that the fight is not yet completely lost. As it is now, I wonder if we’re truly just waiting to die so that our bodies will match our spirits in terms of no longer living.

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