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A rough theory on mass murder [2]

December 30, 2012

Two weeks after the Sandy Hook shooting, I’ve once again seen the same list of causes from both sides of the political divide. If I were to believe enough of what they say, I’d conclude that the average newsworthy atrocity is made up of a combination of various bugbears. These bugbears go by many names – gun culture, violent entertainment, abortion, toxic masculinity, male entitlement, misogyny, homophobia, godlessness, feminism, patriarchy, culture of death – but they are all ways of missing the forest for the trees when used as thought-terminating cliches to win a political argument. As such, I don’t believe that any of those things are the real cause for despicable, cowardly murders.  They are at best visible symptoms.

What does a person live for? Their family? Power and influence? Personal passions and interests? A desire to do things with others? The tenets of their beliefs, applied civilly? Any of these answers could suffice. At least the answer isn’t nothing at all. Now, assuming that the average mass murder is premeditated and ends in the murderer’s suicide, a state has to be reached where all of the above things to live for no longer matter or are deemed acceptable losses in return for dead innocents. Now do you see what is missing from common news punditry? Even if Grand Theft Auto, eye-searing gonzo porn, or satanist metal bands could put the ideas for violence in someone’s head, it still has to be deemed worthy of acting upon to go beyond mere thought-crime.

Normally (or ideally), a society would work its hardest to make happy, productive people out of as many members as possible. A supposed patriarchal society would have ways to give a man something pleasing to live for, or if that man has to die, he would be encouraged to seek an honorable death. To witness men who seem to have a bright future ahead if they aren’t already living easy become ticking time bombs then suggests there are problems. Believing that these men are just blind to their privilege and always seeking more is adopting the mindset of a woman that envies a man’s external appearance without caring what’s on the inside. Sure, they may wish they had it all too, but they would be oblivious to the spiritual rot that awaits them. What good is mere wealth and status in the face of a sick culture that tells you you’re wrong just for having it, and that you should constantly apologize for any other offense that the squeaky wheels take?  In fact, if wealth and status were enough, why not just use it to do any of a million better things than a murder-suicide?

One’s soul would have to die or undergo massive numbing before otherwise senseless aggression could be acted upon, and that is all that happens in these cases.  The best defense, then, is to preserve the liveliness of one’s soul under any civil, minimal means necessary.

Further reading:
“You scum. I’m going to kill you all.” – L. Sorenson”

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