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A rough theory on mass murder

December 14, 2012

There’s been another school shooting, and with it, theories on what caused it.  If you’re here expecting me to put money on the Gun Control versus Armed Teachers debate, I’ll have to ask you to stop eyeing my pockets and go get your seat over there for the inevitable cage match.  If waiting for the cage match is asking for too much, then realizing that what we do with the guns are only half of the story should be easier.

What I’m more interested in is whatever the mainstream media machine won’t give much consideration to. Could this be some event meant to count down to that Mayan calendar thing some people are worried about on the 21st – seven days from now?  Could it actually have been a verifiable mental illness and not just “he doesn’t have a 100% compliance rate to social norms!  Oh no!”?


Or it could be what some in the Manosphere have been alluding to months now. The ease with which men can disconnect and are disconnecting from most of society already threatens certain political ideologies that depend on their active enslavement. It also threatens society as a whole, to varying degrees. The disconnection alone isn’t the problem, nor is it a super-accurate predictor of America’s Next Top Psycho, but it is a necessary precondition, and for a simple reason that future blog posts are liable to repeat and elaborate upon:

Those with little to live for will see little point to living, for themselves or others.

Call it evil, call it the Culture of Death, call it whatever makes you feel better.

There’s no doubt in my mind that these no-longer-surprising developments will continue, and that men of the middle class or lower will be the perpetrators. Why would it be otherwise? Only those men have to put up: [1]-a society insisting that to help them is to hurt women/gays/etc or otherwise unnecessary, [2]-a lack of real sympathy and empathy for the misfortunes that befall them, [3]-harsh punishment for not conforming to norms that will be used against them, and [4]-the myth of male privilege.  Anyone else can go complain about their identity-related troubles and feel better, or if not better, acceptably entitled to their anger.  Now, if you’re used to the luxury of thinking that men will always be willing to put up with crap and that their thresholds for it are so high as to be practically infinite, it may shock you to realize that there is always a one-in-many risk of someone losing their shit completely.  Go ahead and get shocked anyway, and while you’re at it, remember that these public massacres are a recent trend, beginning around the time that the first children of the Boomer Generation would have reached adulthood.

The tendency for these public shootings to end in suicide would be a good fit with the existing statistics on male suicide, which in a way, is what these murder sprees are really about.   After the deaths of their masculine self-worth, external value, and hopes for advancement, why not resort to some gun-play?  Guns are macho, so they all say. Suicide or suicide by cop, not so much, but the shooter won’t be around to hear your cheap derision anyway. Neither will their unfortunate victims.

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