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Feel the burn…out

November 21, 2012

First, go catch up on the news if you haven’t already. You’ve got Hawaiian Libertarian, The Private Man, and others for a quick summary. In short, quite a few bloggers have decided to quit. After reading some final postings, I understand why – not just because of the common themes, but because I feel as though I’m closing in on that point. Jack Donovan explains it best.

Quite frankly, I’m going to give up on the notion that I can sustain this blog on my contempt towards a society that not only has myriad ways of hating men but disguises it as hatred of women half the time. Only so much energy can be wasted on that before the time comes where I look back and ask what it has accomplished. Even when I didn’t have a crappy job with long hours, as I currently do, I couldn’t motivate myself to go out there and rip apart the latest stupidity on the internet. There’s way too much of it for a mediocre blogger like me to handle and still have free time left over. The risk of getting way too repetitive and steeped in negativity was higher than I was okay with. Thus, very sporadic posting was all I could do. It makes me wonder how bloggers other than those that closely follow our looming police state could find it in them to do at least near-daily posts if not several posts a day. Is it the spare computer time in a boring office job? Dedication to informing anyone who will listen? Really supportive family or friends? Very quick thought-to-draft-to-publish times of no more than a half hour per 1000 words? I can only guess.

To answer the question “Is the Manosphere at serious risk of collapse?”, I find it unlikely outside of internet censorship being enacted. The inherent contradictions of a leftist, feminist society will drive enough new people away from it so that there is always a chance of someone maintaining a presence on the other side of the internet. Any man or woman with enough dignity will get fed up with the bullshit. Particularly with regards to Game, compare “Get physically fit and emotionally confident, approach women, pay more attention to their actions than their words, escalate quickly, and get used to frequent rejections between successes” to the dozens of contradictions and cheap rationalizations in feminist dating advice such as what you’ll find over at feminist suck-up dating blogs like “doctornerdlove“. Isn’t it obvious that women run the dating market when they are the ones that must never be criticized no matter what lies they’d have you believe? People could be honest about feminist society making sure men are seen as far less desirable people  and women as far more desirable people. Alas, the misery that comes with selling equality myths must be a great feeling since they don’t want to let go of it.

More than anything, I hope what’s to come from the Manosphere will be enough to counter the seemingly endless tide of hypersensitive social justice whiners and their self-hating men enthralled by women dependent upon their neuroses. I already expect the arrival of a multitude of people with a large pool of sex-based special descriptors to choose from. They will insist that if only those offensive heterosexual men would just be their doormats, but more gay or trans or asexual or queer, the world would be safer for all. Unfortunately, the world will continue to suck if society is so hollow and decayed that obsessing over sex is the primary thing that gives us our worth.

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