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I’m just gonna say these things now…

November 12, 2012

…before Mojo closes up The Neckbeard Chronicles and Generation Nihilism follows suit…

While there’s been several recent cases of Manosphere blogs closing down and removing their content, I hadn’t really thought much of it besides that either the author just got sick of keeping it there or that political censorship was involved. However, both of these two blogs’ final posts have made it clear that in a way, closing down a blog should be a sign that one is serious about pursuing a goal either somewhere else online or in real life. Not that this means the reason I haven’t been blogging much lately is due to hard work on a project, but I have been preoccupied with several side projects on the small scale. There’s not much motivation or time for ripping apart just one more piece of feigned internet outrage. I inefficiently spend too much time as is on planning the next step or fixing some problem with where I currently am along my goals. Why the hell would I want to pick apart some social justice mind-fuckery whose only real goal is to impotently wage war against normal people? Why would anyone want to do so besides the prospect of extracting a very astute observation from it? It just isn’t worth it when you know that time is being diverted from things you’d really love to do.

All that said, I do not intend to quit blogging soon, if only because I know I can do a bit better somewhere or another. I might go on hiatus, though formally announcing it is kinda useless when I already do it anyway. If nothing else, I want to do a few posts based on certain concepts that I think need exploration through a Manosphere lens, since the rest of the internet will only bend and twist whatever they find to suit their political needs, as with last week’s elections. You’re likely to have heard about how it’s just so great that women and latinos and gays got to speak up, never mind that elections haven’t offered heterosexual men anything relevant to their lives in years. All we get is conveniently timed bullshit about “rape” and the insinuation that a pack of despised Republicans are the only ones worth speaking for us. It makes for great outrage fodder, but it won’t stop the decline, and this arguably unstoppable decline can’t be enjoyed when being a unpaid blogger takes up large amounts of your free time.

Therefore, I have a changed blogging goal now: work on some concept posts, and focus on keeping them available. Closing up shop can come sometime after that.

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