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Booth babes and white knights

October 9, 2012

Gamasutra’s weekly roundups of video game criticism haven’t been that great in a while, but I’ve still been reading them. Lately, there’s been some stinking turd of a trend where feminist goons try to sell the story of evil straight males traumatizing sensitive women while the patriarchal world watches, and that’s when they’re not in “you go grrl! threaten those useless men!” mode. This week, they linked to an article on Gameranx about harassment of women on convention floors.

I read through it at work on my phone, so I didn’t check the youtube video embedded. Instead, I went through the supposedly dreadful comments and took note of the cognitive dissonance between creepy white knight Wesley Copeland’s framing and the argument over the woman who got motorboated. From Copeland’s writing, I’d have thought it was some psycho white guy chasing some booth babes and forcefully groping others, all while laughing like Albedo (at 3:13). The fact that there was even an argument over whether a woman consenting to motorboating in public really constituted harassment also made me suspicious. Obviously, if there was real trouble on the convention floor, security would be called and the story would be “sexual harasser pursued (if not caught and arrested) at Eurogamer Expo”, right?

After watching the video later, all I could feel was “WTF?”, but not for the reason I’m supposed to. I saw a black guy making an ass of himself. I saw not one of the people he talked to walk away in disgust or call him out on his behavior in a space where it would have been safe to do so. I saw a black guy who was playfully flirting with women*. I saw something that was probably prepared in advance to some degree. I saw things that made me wonder why Copeland was so dead set on sticking up for these imaginary distressed damsels.

That article, more than any other concerning offended women at conventions, has convinced me that men writing about this stuff in this way are doing nothing more than pandering to their feminist fanbase with emotional trigger porn. That Copeland called these acts “vile, and frankly disturbing” shows that he wishes to empathize with angry, bitter women that can’t tell vulgar social pranks from full-on assault. Let these creepy pretenders put on their performances of guilt-laden masculinity for the fem-porn audience. Just don’t remind them that women aren’t expected to or fond of empathizing with men or you’ll get an load of crap trying to justify one-way gender equality…

* If you have to ask why he made sexual advances toward women and not men, just remember that gays are a minority.  Take your subversive LGBT agenda back to its leftist echo chamber while you’re at it.


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