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Misanthropic Modern Childrearing

October 7, 2012

Note: This post was somewhat inspired by “Generation OPP” at Unleash The Beef

In light of recent personal events that I have experienced, I find myself questioning the state of certain family arrangements these days. Not the obvious stuff like “Does a child fare better with a mother and father or something else?” or “Should one have children they can’t afford?”, but something more pointed. When I see a teenaged boy going around and being a nuisance to whoever he can, I wonder about how this plays into ‘The System’, so to speak.

Maybe some single mothers are practically paid in welfare money to raise troublemakers. Without an involved father in the boy’s presence, that’s likely to happen anyway. He’ll be who knows where, she’ll be glued to the couch if not the bed (and possibly on drugs), and little Timmy (or T-Dog to his friends because Timmy sounds too “gay”) is out causing all kinds of problems. Calling the police won’t help, and delivering punishment by one’s own hands turns the police onto said deliverer of punishment. While lil’ Timmy (which is probably more in these days than T-Dog) won’t confess to his activities in order to cover his ass, he also doesn’t have to feel embarrassed to admit he likes starting serious shit for fun. He doesn’t even have to fear his mother taking action other than screaming so many threats you’d think she could do vocals for a metal band.

Maybe raising an army of psycho children gives the elites what they want: a way for men to be cowed into appeasement, a way for women to be lured by their ‘gina tingles/man-bad-woman-good feminism into making excuses, and a way for ever-expanding government to justify its continued ineffective existence. As tempted as I may be to take some other woman’s child and smack them around a bit, I can’t do that (without setting myself up as an unidentifiable assailant) without being arrested. Damned if I do, damned if I don’t, and a win/win for them. Arranging for an black-ops “this faggot is gay, beat him up” scenario solves the immediate problem of how to handle a potential lifelong criminal, but also gives the media their oppressive homophobic male moment.

All I can know for certain is that I’ll never have a child until I can be certain that I will be there for their first twenty years to support them and set them right. I don’t quite hate humanity enough yet to inflict another unwanted, uncivilized brat on the public.


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