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Feminism…who needs it?

September 24, 2012
Sad-looking man holding a note

Certainly not you, or me, or anyone really.

That doesn’t mean you can’t want it so badly you tell yourself you need it, but language matters, and needing is different than wanting.

What kind of people make a big deal of saying they need feminism? Sad people that believe silly things. Take this ranting loon for example, who basically either projects accusations women make toward men (like the whole ‘focusing on looks makes you shallow’ bit) or betrays their hen-house status seeking (I’d love to see what kind of women in her social circle must be hating on her for defending her man). If that’s not enough, read the words of a woman so scared of strong displays of male emotion that she makes acceptable feminist excuses for it. We’re talking about a fear so important that if a man displayed such a fear of women, you’d be lucky not to hear the guttural shouts and keyboard taps of “Man Up!”* somewhere in the back of your head. Predictably, she doesn’t want her son to think it’s a woman’s job to manage his emotions, but I see nothing about how it won’t be his job to manage a woman’s emotions. Even more predictably, she appears to have no comparable fear of other women’s strong emotional displays. Such is the life of a leftist desperate to uphold their sexist dichotomy of male anger=bad, female anger=good while denying it.

Courtesy of Dalrock, you can check out the ‘Who Needs Feminism’ Tumblr and see for yourself how people cling to feminism. I don’t pity the fools that act as though everyone would degrade and despise women by default without Marxist political ideology to prevent such things, I just loathe them for their carefully calculated distortions. I’ve spent too much time wishing they’d realize that idiotic congressmen don’t speak for every man in the country or even in their direct constituency and not enough time taking joy in their self-inflicted suffering. Maybe it’ll counter the suffering of those boring yet considerate beta males that don’t get to be the official representative of the everyman. Either that or I ascend to a new level of asshole-ism in which I get to represent “men” in the general sense.

Sometimes, it is said that feminism cares about men too. While I won’t question this, I do want to know why that ‘care’ is mostly about using sexual minorities to attack the idea (and reality) that most men do prefer being happy as men with a feminine woman in a sexual relationship. Is there something wrong with that now that I haven’t heard of yet? Or is it just that feminism can’t survive long without lying to people about heterosexuality long enough to make them suspicious of it?

* Or some politically correct variation thereof


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