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The 50th post

September 9, 2012

Well, ain’t this something? During some html testing between Notepad and Firefox, the above embedded video kept playing Kanon Wakeshima’s Princess Charleston (despite having different urls, and me saving the html file before refreshing the Firefox tab), which I was going to use just for lulz, but here on wordpress, it seems to work normally. Go figure…

Must 50 posts represent a milestone? If so, what kind of milestone? One of perseverance, skill, notoriety, or boredom? I can’t answer these questions, but I’ll try my hand at answering others.

What is a blog? : Potentially asked questions

“Where’d you get the name from?”
– It’s taken from the opening of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, one of the first Playstation games I played.

“Do you consider yourself part of the X-osphere?”
– Most likely not. This doesn’t mean I won’t link to or accept links from others, but I’d prefer most of my positions to be coherent and relevant in regards to a particular group before joining.

“Why do you seem to talk about sexuality a lot?”
– You really have to ask? It’s a consequence of this blog not being limited to a specific non-sex area and living in a sex-obsessed society.

“Where’s your contact information?”
– For now, you can contact me through the About page. Any comments that don’t automatically go into my spam folder will send an alert to my email address so I can respond. Whenever I set up another email address, I’ll put it up as contact info.

Recent Search Queries

* gothic lolita, lolita gateway, etc…
– [relevant link] I can’t help you with finding any local groups, though now would be a good time to place a few links in the blogroll. At least one more post on the topic is planned.

* Penn State bronies
– I’m sure there’s enough to form a club. They wouldn’t even have to be embarassed about it given the Sandusky media circus.

* ps3 slim blu-ray drive, ps3 disc scratching, etc.
– [relevant link] Haven’t discovered anything new since then, mainly because I’ve barely had the time to get back on my ps3 for more than an hour lately. Those in the household that do play it longer don’t report any disc drive problems though.

* “tvtropes senran worst games”
– Well, Senran Kagura does have a (currently short) TVTropes entry, but I haven’t heard about it being a bad game. Fanservice-y and mediocre, yes, but not bad.

* “I don’t watch some porn if the men aren’t attractive enough”
– I don’t watch porn. I don’t consider men attractive. Therefore, this is not the place to find help.

So, what’s next?

Some shorter posts, for one thing, because not everything needs to be at least 300 words. Also, more miscellaneous links.

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