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The internet, anger, and you

September 2, 2012

You know it, I know it, we all know it…

Part of the internet is a repository of our societal anger. That’s not necessarily a bad thing by itself. It’s not until you see what people sometimes get angry over and how that anger is expressed by different people that you should have a WTF moment. If you don’t have “laugh your ass off at retarded internet drama” on a things to do list, put it on there. It won’t take long these days to be able to cross it off, given how hate has been defined so far downward that one has to question if it’s just a way for certain groups to justify making themselves virtually unlovable at times.

Just this past month alone, there’s been “controversy” over such stupid things as:

  • Borderlands 2 guy catches heat over calling an easy mode skill tree “Girlfriend Mode”. By “calling”, I mean “nicknaming” during a interview.
  • Pussy Riot acts disruptive inside a cathedral, gets locked up, and some dumbasses want them to go free. You just know it’s because the cathedral is a cathedral.
  • A bad RomCom became the predictable result of judging a candidate on gender conformance. How worse will this get if we do have female presidental candidates?
  • Potentially disguised pedophilia is now in the running for worst thing about Fifty Shades of Grey. Other things include: bad writing, bad characters, and being based on Twilight fanfiction.

It doesn’t really matter what people do, all that we really need are hysterical women and the men that think it’s manly and obligatory to pacify those women in the name of progressivism. Since sexism is code for offending feminist opinion, using stoic men to calm down and comfort overemotional women is only a bad thing if the men fail at it. Pointing out their politically-motivated hypocrisies doesn’t deter them, because once angry women hijack a discussion, their comfort becomes priority one. You don’t need to be some kind of economist to see what perverse incentives these situations can create. Eventually, just about anything can be taken over by enough bored people with too much mental energy devoted to politics. Once this happens, expect whatever part of yourself that doesn’t fall into that political hierarchy of protected groups to be used against you with little in the way of acceptable recourse.

So long as simple phrases can become guilt-trip mechanisms, anything else can also be an eventual excuse to raise hell for the latest media distraction. To the extent that some internet drama doesn’t have much of a reach, you can bet your bottom dollar that those doing the arguing wish it did. I’m thankful at this point that there hasn’t been any “srsbsns” flamewars here on the blog, though it’s nothing to be proud of since I’m not exactly drowning in page hits.

I won’t be foolish enough to hope that there will be less overall anger on the internet anytime soon, since this is a time of decline. What I want is less politically motivated anger centered on sex. If I must go from indifferently disliking Obama and Romney to actively despising their existences, it should be because they’re powerful people who have knowingly made the country worse in some far-reaching way or another. If a future triple-A game gets lambasted in the gaming press, let it be due to incoherent plot and shoddy gameplay rather than a supporting character not being just the most perfect example of disabled pansexual transgender that one ever did see. Simple anger is not the problem, it’s when that anger has the ulterior motive of drumming up support for zero-sum politics.


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