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Attack of the post eaters

July 7, 2012

WordPress, we need to talk.

Something has to be out here, and apparently my drafts are the target.  Target of what?  Hell if I know – let’s call them “post eaters” for now.  This is how it goes: I’ll have at least 200 words down in a post, and then I click “Save Draft”. Now, because I can’t reasonably expect to do my posts all in one sitting, I’ll sometimes keep my Firefox window and tabs open while I lock my desktop and go do other things. Anyway, I come back later, restore the window, and BAM!…everything’s gone. There might be a small chance that I can right-click on the window, go to undo, and everything reappears, but it’s not reliable…motherfuckers do seem to be awfully sneaky, voracious sons of bitches.

I really don’t want to start suspecting that some moderator or admin is breeding the goddamned things and sending them here peeping on my drafts and erasing them since they tend to be critical of our secular leftist culture. There would be little benefit in going after a blogger with a small following and posts that aren’t nearly as lengthy and well-researched as they could be, especially if there were to be more popular blogs watching.  I’m telling myself over here that it’s just some kind of bug, either with Windows 7 64-bit, Firefox, or the newest Windows 7 security updates that have made my system a bit laggy since I installed them.

Anyway, until the local post eater population is driven to extinction this problem can be fixed on the server end, I have no choice but to do my drafts in Notepad to secure their safety.  This will be the last time I recklessly leave them vulnerable to such threats in the name of convenience.

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