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Gateway Gothic Lolita

July 4, 2012
purple-haired gothic lolita

“Gothic Lolita is the by far most well-known Lolita style, and used to be the term that would refer to Lolitas of all the styles. However, with Lolita fashion becoming increasingly popular in the west, this mislabel is now somewhat rarer.”

Quote taken from hello lace
Image taken from Danbooru (there may be NSFW ads past the link)

Welcome, readers, to the first post of a new category here on What Is A Blog?.  Take a moment to grab your free admission prize from the Vend-A-Trope machine if you wish to do so, and be advised that your free prize will not threaten to stab you or speak the truth to your existence.  Ponder the relevance or ridiculousness of the message on its tag, trade it for the one your neighboring guest has, or just hold on to it for now.

Before I begin this speech, I must note that this will have nothing to do with Nabokov’s novel Lolita, other than to clear up the misconception that it does have something to do with Nabokov’s novel Lolita.

Where do I begin?  Somewhere in the mid-to-late-2000s, in the middle of dealing with other personal stuff, I suppose.  Somewhere in between the games or anime I was into at the time was the first exposure I had to the term “Gothic Lolita”.  After a few web searches, I was led to some image galleries.  There were also the few that I saw at certain events, maybe a couple more in the mall, and one I saw while at work.  Oh wait, those weren’t all Gothic Lolitas, though I wouldn’t have known it then due to the lack of terminology I had to work with…I’m fairly sure that the one I saw at work would’ve counted as Shiro or Sweet depending on how much of what she was wearing was either white or a very light pink.  The one thing they all had in common was an aura of cuteness with some novelty added in.

A few years later into the present, I’m somewhere between not getting involved more and not dropping all interest or moving on to something else. It feels like the only thing that’s changed is how Gothic has lost some of its appeal for me, and now I’m beginning to develop a liking for Classic and Casual instead, hence the “Gateway” in the post title. Besides some laziness on my part with regards to looking up any events or groups on the internet, I doubt I’d really go for spending so much for a complete outfit (Lolita or Ouji) since I’m just not at that point in life yet where expensive fashion is okay with me.  At least I have come to understand that Gothic Lolita isn’t synonymous with Visual Kei bands (e.g. Malice Mizer), like I used to way back when…it probably doesn’t count for much, though.

Thank you for dropping in for the short presentation. I don’t have meticulously researched claims or glowing praise from my peers, but I can offer something more relevant to your interests, and all you have to do is look at the tag on your Vend-A-Trope prize. If the tag reads the following:

“Men aren’t supposed to be into that stuff! That’s just wrong!”
“OMG! You’re objectifying women! It’s not about sex or you!”
“Who cares what obscure stuff you’re into? It’s all about the mainstream!”

…burn your prize in the provided incinerator. You’ll be glad to have done so once the fear of the message included on it has less influence on how you’ll see others.  Besides, it’s one less piece of baggage to carry around, though if you like baggage or are a collector of sorts, that’s up to you.

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