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Let us pity the children

June 10, 2012

A child’s school years must be hell on earth. If they experiences some kind of bullying, school administrators are practically guaranteed to do nothing if they can’t uphold the status quo. This can lead to a unwinnable game where a boy is harassed by more boys, until the harassment escalates and the harassed eventually loses in some way or the other. Whether the loss is by suicide or punishment from the admins or something just as ridiculous doesn’t matter, it’s the crushing of the spirit that matters. Why else would a “bullying expert” recommend a student leave his peace of mind in the hands of the very same law enforcement that has only acted against him so far? A school that does not respect a student’s desire to defend his/her self does not deserve to have its rules followed. Stun gun in the air and averted altercation beats suicide note and dead body in all but the most dystopian situations, hands down.

Sometimes though, suicide appears to appeal to children. If our communities had enough sense, they’d stop deceiving non-normative children into believing that anything other than complete acceptance of their identity constitutes hatred. Rather than being taught neither to crave praise nor to be dismayed by its absence, kids are killing themselves over a lack of acceptance. It doesn’t even have to be their family members that disapprove, which makes it much worse. Nothing like a child committing suicide over someone that has no real lasting power over them to expose the shallowness of acceptance culture, right? Obviously we don’t care about our children’s well being because “the problem” is officially those nasty straights and their verbal disapproval, evidence to the contrary be damned. One can only smile upon realizing that children raised to be fragile flowers will just hurt themselves over something else and that no amount of anti-normative sentiment will change that. If harsh language was enough to drive kids into despair, every parent would already be mourning the loss of kids they regularly threaten with groundings, whippings, and possessions being taken away. Yet, in our hypo-hypersexed* culture, somehow most publicized occurrences of the deaths of the young seem to come from issues related to sexuality.  Maybe it’s because cases of violence in the streets without a sexual component just aren’t arousing enough to the media in comparison.

* – What do I mean by “hypo-hypersexed”?  I mean that for a culture pretending to valorize certain sides of heterosexuality (or sometimes any sexual expression), it really only allows a very small section of several sexual categories to be visible.   The culture then floods us with that limited perspective or a supposed threat to it, particularly whenever a controversy is needed.

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