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April 21, 2012

Every so often, a case of boy-who-thinks-he’s-a-girl makes the media rounds. In such subtly disturbing stories, a reader will learn how the boy’s parents sees their child, how the child sees boys and girls, and how they all think society should react. Only lately have I really formulated a clear explanation of what is so creepy about these stories, and that comes with a little reluctance. You see, some of the “support” for my idea comes from either radical feminists or Christian evangelicals, and if I dislike relying on any politically active group, I despise having to rely on either of these two.

What’s the common thread in the average transgender child story? A boy finds that he’s really into girl stuff and somehow he thinks it makes him a girl. Whether the “girl stuff” is dolls or dresses, if he likes it enough, it must mean he belongs to its target demographic, right? Especially if “boy stuff” like science and sports doesn’t interest him nearly as much. Maybe it’s just a phase, but that’s supposed to be a trivializing thing to say. A simple DNA test could solve the mystery, but that’s just biological determinism. The parents of such a child could simply be honest parents and snap the child out of his childlike confusion, but that would mean refusing to follow the liberal party line, and not many status-seeking parents are willing to go that far without feeling obligated to cross over into “I’d abuse/kill my deviant child” territory.

I’m sure there are a significant number of girls that want to be boys, but for some odd reason or the other, those aren’t as common in the media. I suspect it’s because there’s not much of a being-an-unusual-boy-is-shameful angle to work with there. Finding reliable numbers via google is either difficult or requires some jargon I haven’t been exposed to.

While the prospect of parents subjecting their children to sketchy medical practices is creepy, and the unwillingness to confront reality is creepier, those are mild annoyances with the consequences limited to the families involved. The shrinking of acceptable manhood is a societal consequence of the push to transgenderize these boys. It speaks to the failure of whatever movements were supposed to expand the ways in which one could be a man, since having to take on a womanly appearance and/or hormones in order to permissibly do women’s things cannot be called an expression of manliness by any reasonable standard. It also speaks to the parents’ desire to use their son as a “magic tranny”, for lack of a better word. These parents, bored and/or disdainful of their presumably ‘normal’ heterosexuality, become desperate for their child to be something else. As long as the parents are the ones doing the stereotyping to their child, and those stereotypes are ones geared toward pulling their child away from a ‘normal’ identity, it’s okay. All of this in the name of feeling like their special snowflake will enrich their pathetic lives. If all else fails, they can wait until the child gets bullied in school (like most other children will) and make it all about how those nasty hetero cis-boys (which their child is decidedly not) are the worst.

I may not have made it clear in my Brony post, but the comparable lack of “OMG! I actually like watching this! I must be a girly-girl deep down inside!” in what I’ve seen of that realm of the internet is a substantial part of what impresses me about them. If the way we looked at a man’s mind in our society wasn’t already so warped by politics, there wouldn’t be a reason to be impressed by men that can actually come into prolonged contact with female-designated stuff without fearing immediate and permanent contamination, but there you go.

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