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Now I know that’s how they troll

March 4, 2012

Part of the videogame industry has gotten a reputation for lack of creativity and leading to a market mostly dominated with a handful of top franchises with near-annual release dates. Chances are, you’ve contributed to one of those franchises by buying one of its products yourself. You might even remember a blown-up controversy from last year over such a game.

Sometimes, a sequel will recognize what its predecessor lacked and attempt to correct that for its fans. For Square-Enix, this meant fixing Final Fantasy XIII-2 so that certain gameplay annoyances were removed and some exploration elements were restored (going so far as to get a little outside assistance). For those that seem to have something against Bioware’s writers, this meant going from a self-identified “Straight Male Gamer” writing a silly forum post to a horde of assholes attacking one woman over something not nearly as serious as it’s being made out to be. If you’re deeply into feminism, I suppose you’ll love yet another cliche story of men attacking a woman and being idiots in the process. All you need for evidence that the situation’s gone this far because the target is a woman is the relative lack of harassment faced by David Gaider and William C. Dietz. Yes, Dietz isn’t a Bioware employee as far as I know, but he did defile one of their tie-in novels, so he should be just as eligible for harassment.

Confirmation bias aside, the internet fuckwads in question are incidentally men (and maybe a few women), but more importantly, they are rabid fanboys that should serve as reminders of what happens when unremarkable nobodies take worlds of fiction more seriously than their creators. It doesn’t get them a good lay, or certified badass status, just mocking by anyone brave enough to see through the smoke and mirrors. Those they rage against can go from relatively obscure to well-known in unexpected ways. After all, what’s an award and a track record to internet victim fame?


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