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Is it sexist, or just racist?

February 11, 2012

Bring a group of hoodlums together, give them an apparent easy mark, and watch them act like goons.  Simple and unfortunate part of life around lowlifes, right?  Apparently not, given that several blogs have instead took it as a sign that allowing talking heads in the media to offend gays inevitably forces otherwise unremarkable straight men to engage in what will become the latest gay-bash du jour.  Stating the facts about the perp(s) and victim(s) is somehow ‘problematic’, especially when the perps are in some way part of a minority.  Insinuating that “of course this is what straight men are going to do if they’re not continuously forced to accept us” however, is somehow not at all sexist, no matter how much the premise rests on those straight men acting as a hive mind when it comes to oppressing everyone but each other.  The premise can’t stand when exposed to the reality that male-on-male violence and presumably straight-on-straight violence are the more frequent occurrences despite the two groups being highly represented in a broad-strokes manner, so those ugly realities that make up cases have to be concealed as best as possible.  It’s racism to note the perps aren’t white.  It’s classism to note the perps aren’t upper-class.  It’s blaming the victim if anything critical is said about the not-hegemonically-masculine-male victim.  It’s no surprise that such attacks can’t effectively be curbed if even identifying patterns about perpetrators is a bigger problem than the act they committed.  How can one look at videos of people doing this stuff and not come to the conclusion that these are otherwise useless and directionless men with nothing better to do and little worry of being locked up over something that doesn’t concern them beyond their own reactionary disgust?  You’d think anyone that ever scratched their nails on a chalkboard would be instantly hospitalized given how many people complain about that.  Well, that’s if there was a legacy of Puritanical sexual anxiety around nails on a chalkboard, but there’s not, so that particular disliked thing is tolerated accepted.

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