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I palm my face in disgust

December 10, 2011

…because hanging my head would be too shameful and I have to maintain some dignity…

From last Friday to earlier this week, I’ve observed two distinct lines of stupidity that appear to converge at one particular point.

The first line starts at the bottom and slowly climbs up. It begins with a guy who appears to want to communicate with his estranged wife over Facebook. Simple enough, I figured. Then I learn that he wants to get back together with her to the point of typing up at least one message that was probably longer than the last two posts combined. Had my knowledge of that situation ended with that, I could’ve laughed it off, but it got worse from there. I overhear a phone call that could be accurately described as him whimpering and begging for her to come back to him, because he’s just so miserable without her. It was here that my “What the fuck is wrong with this dude?” alarm went off and the desire to find out what she must have did to him reared its ugly head. It turns out she suddenly lost interest in him after he lost his job, and that it’s not the first time that had happened. Not only that, but while he’s pleading for her to call him back and leaving more messages, she’s apparently adding guys from outside her family to her friends list for the first time. Either he has no knowledge of Game and what her behavior indicates, or he’s afraid of the consequences of divorce and how it will impact him.  I certainly hope that he didn’t make any of the story up just to try and gain sympathy, because his handling of the situation wouldn’t help for long, if at all.

The second line starts higher up and continuously drops. A man actually asks “What’s to stop a man from marrying a robot?” as if robots were already considered human with sufficiently analogous artificial intelligences. He also asks “What’s to stop a woman from marrying a computer?” as if he thinks the guy who married Nene Anegasaki is a trend-setter many will seek to emulate. Another man seems so sure of himself that not restricting marriage to a man and a woman will lead to humans marrying non-humans and inanimate objects. For people who are supposed to be defending traditional marriages in a professional setting, they sure do love them some dramatic hyperbole and flip-flopping on what they believe about heterosexuality and the men obliged to adhere to it at all times. With one media circus, they’ll believe men have to expend effort to not desire a woman, and the next media circus, they’ll believe the opposite.  That these nutjobs get people to believe they’re about saving marriage and not just shoving society into their half-assed haunted houses year-round is a real sign of our decline.

What does the convergence mean here? The difficulty the subjects representing each line have in looking at the woman’s active role in relationship matters. I don’t mean that in the “barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen” straw argument either. My personal vow not to take anyone seriously if they can’t admit to themselves that women have to do their part in keeping a relationship together and contented if not happy is not enough. If the rest of the world would rather work hard at making men feel like shit in relationships then at getting honest about the causes of what we see now, then I’m not wasting the energy to pursue a marriage or blaming myself for the problems a woman has with me. Such energy could be better spent preparing for the apocalypse with its angry harpies and definitely-not-heterosexuals with strong liquor in hand and loud music in headphones.

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