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The potential, yet unrealized genius of the bronies

November 20, 2011

Try as I might, I didn’t quite understand the hopelessness expressed in “The Absurdity Continues” over a bunch of grown men and their My Little Pony obsession, though the first image is a wee bit unsettling.  Sure, any man willing to collect MLP merchandise would make for a good laughing at, but actually wanting to beat him up for it is going a bit too far for me. Besides all that though, I’m almost certain that elaborate hoax or not, that Bronies constitute one hell of a setup for the joke that our societal expectations of men have become, even if they don’t deliver the punchline themselves.

If we live in an age where in some way or the other, mainstream media is so unbearably slanted away from truth and towards pro-corporate and pro-big-government biases that we should be cheering on the death of certain press outlets, then is it really that much worse to turn away from the TV news to Friendship is Magic and discuss it as if it were more important than the shenanigans leading into the 2012 elections?  Predictably, some of the reasons given for wanting to watch signal awareness of certain taboos and a desire to avoid running afoul of them: “The (female) characters aren’t one-dimensional (sex objects)”, “Identif[ying] with the four-legged stars that flaunt luxurious, pony-tail like manes, (because it would be ‘sexist’ for men to not want to walk down that one-way street marked ‘identifying with the opposite sex’)”. Aside from being in the presence of a violent psycho with anxiety issues, ‘questioning’ a man’s sexuality is never taboo, and so there’s the token reassurance that the “overwhelming majority” of Bronies are straight (gee, doesn’t that sound familiar), in addition to being 3/4ths of the fanbase, making it ‘male-dominated’ and making me wonder when if feminists will castigate them and demand that more women get involved.

On the topic of “It wasn’t supposed to be this way, we thought only little girls and their mothers would watch”, oh fucking well. Chalk it up to swagger and numbers overcoming the token resistance that the masses have come to expect. Hell, if the Bronies had more swagger and numbers, they could easily expose the crazy dichotomies that men are supposed to live with: avoid media directed towards women and be sexist or consume that media and be queer; comment on what women you find attractive and be a creep or swear it’s all about the personalities and be sexless; play into the hands of those who want you to be closeted straights or play into the hands of those who want you to be closeted gays. The Brony fandom is in a very good position right now to be able to challenge where most of the discomfort towards them is coming from and what shameful things it says about our culture but that’s not happening…yet. I only hope that the challenging of conventional wisdom comes before their fifteen minutes of fame run out.

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  1. Pharaoh Buster permalink
    November 22, 2011 4:07 am

    The first picture at that site you linked is of one of the previous generations of ponies. I estimate that 99.9% of male bronies don’t like the shows of the older generations. The differences between Friendship is Magic and the older shows is akin to the differences between Ocarina of Time and The Wand of Gamelon.

    The old, monstrous ponies must die. They don’t belong in this world!

    Sorry about that; I couldn’t resist.


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