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Insane in the Penn State

November 20, 2011

I don’t care whether Jerry Sandusky really is gay and using his wife as a beard or if he’s just bisexual and in denial.

I don’t care whether Jerry Sandusky just touched those boys in places he shouldn’t have or if he went further than that.

You know what’s so uncanny about all this though?  It’s how many people would rather defend Sandusky the Coach rather than punish Sandusky the molester.  Apparently, good college football coaches are so difficult to find that protecting a criminal who preys on children is preferable to firing him and finding a quick replacement.  I’ve been suspecting for a while that a high-profile case would come along where my suspicion that no one cares if it’s just boys that get raped would be vindicated, and this is that case, but damn, do we really have to play the gay-or-straight card like this?  Are the allegations of sexual molestation so inadequate that the case against him only gains legitimacy by proving he’s either a depraved homo tool of the Left or a deceitful hetero using his whole family as a front?  It’s not like it would have taken this long to make a blown-up scandal over it had he been caught on tape saying offensive things about anything LGBT-related.

I know that for some people, football is something really important to them, but rioting in the streets over the firing of he who protected the alleged molesting scumbag is just pathetic. I don’t care if Paterno did go to “university authorities”; he didn’t go any higher up the chain of command and that was just unacceptable when the innocence of children was at stake in an organization already having an incentive or ten to cover their asses for just about anything. There’s definitely something else amiss when the police at this protest settled for spraying and macing students without arresting any of the goons destroying property. I wonder how many #Occupy protesters are jealous of how leniently those Penn State blockheads were treated, both the students and the coaches.

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