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Pride and Prejudice in Sao Paolo

August 13, 2011

Isn’t it just great how our perverted political culture has turned explicit “pride” into something reserved only for those who can claim oppressed outsider status? Just look at the reactions a proposal for Heterosexual Pride Day in Sao Paolo has gotten:

“The celebration of heterosexual pride is inappropriate because it belittles the just cause of the LGBT community”

WTF? Inappropriate? Well, if you want to get your ideas of hetero pride from asshole ad execs and trash-talking online gamers, that’s your problem, but it is far more belittling to tell heteros that they cannot peaceably enjoy themselves and what comes naturally to them because you threaten to feel offended by it. That sentiment doesn’t do much besides grant legitimacy to the “protest against the privileges the gay community” angle of the event, since threatening to take a one-sided offense to something is in fact a privilege.

“How many LGBTs will be attacked because of the message that only heterosexuality makes someone a moral person and a good citizen”

However many attacks there will be doesn’t disprove the need for Straight Pride in and of itself, unless you’re willing to accept that the existence of LGBT criminals would also make Gay Pride just as bad an idea. Reflexively placing the blame on heterosexuality alone and not problems with race, class, religion, and outright psychopathy won’t reduce the rate of attacks. It’s very telling that the AP didn’t have the guts to give numbers on heterosexual deaths and murders in the past few years like it did with LGBT death rates. Oh, and if you think prohibiting people from disagreeing with Leftist-approved identity politics will make the disagreement go away, have fun dealing with the actions of Anders Breivik and those few who will inevitably follow his example – that will give you all the self-righteous anger you could want.

The best encapsulation of all that’s wrong with anti-Straight Pride is at Ms. Magazine, predictably. There’s the focus on what the church as an institution supports* (as if religion is that important these days outside of neurotic sex controls), the list of marriage benefits (that won’t do a damn thing to make being married more appealing), the numbers game (if 96.5% of the population is heterosexual, then heterosexuality is “normal”, statistically speaking**),  and the complaints against romantic comedies (which is Hollywood’s problem, and Hollywood does not represent every heterosexual). What isn’t there? Just a wide, diverse assortment of heterosexual enjoyment. There’s no kinky couples, no “sex-positive” heterosexuals, not even happily pair-bonded heteros sick to death of having the meaning of their relationship distorted and twisted by those with the power to decide what ends up on TV. If those who deny any need for Straight Pride whatsoever can’t quit hiding behind their straw men, then they deserve whatever flaming they get.

I don’t know what’s so appealing about staying trapped in an illusory world with a loud booming voice that tells us we’ll be happy if we continue to associate heterosexual pride in the abstract with hostility towards LGBTs, but telling that voice to go fuck itself and escaping such a world is where the real liberation and happiness is. To any actual heterosexuals, not to be confused with power-hungry control freaks using straightness as cover, sometimes a boner is just a boner. Other times, a boner could be motivation to make a move. Occasionally, a boner might get you into some bullshit just like alcohol and partying. If you like your (God/Nature)-given boners, that should be a core part of Straight Pride, not foolishly expecting LBGTs to suffer or disappear to “prove” yourself.  That this seems to be beyond some Sao Paolo lawmakers and their detractors is to be expected.

After all, I have covered this before, you know?

* If you want to argue that neither Straight nor Gay Pride is okay because pride is one of the seven deadly sins, fine with me.

** “Normal” in the moral sense is its own shifting goalpost, and not taken into account here.


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