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Mob inanity

July 24, 2011

The “Flash Mobs” that have been appearing in the media lately are just another sign of our decline. How so? First of all, there’s the fact that enough media outlets reporting on the mobs feel compelled to lie by omission as to the fact that these are Black men hunting down White men. Second, that we’re not excoriating these packs of brutes for basically acting like bullies tells me that the coverups taking place are more politically motivated than some expression of ‘innate’ Black criminality. Third, the idea that these mobs are somehow beneficial for the Black community only makes sense if we treat it as a construct to toy around with as opposed to a group of human beings.

It should be a scandal in itself that the media has to leave out certain facts on these stories. It’s like an attempt to mislead some readers into thinking that the identities of the assailants deserve spoiler warnings (as if we were discussing Sora no Kiseki…I mean Trails in the Sky) more than searing expositions.  About the only extra things I can make a guess at are that there aren’t enough gays and women falling victim to these attacks, aside from the obvious point that there would be a higher chance of a media firestorm were the races of the assailants and victims reversed.  After reading some stories linked from Unamusement Park, my suspicions were mostly confirmed, though I did miss that since these attacks aren’t overtly sexually motivated, the few women that do fall victim to these attacks aren’t quite prompting outrage yet.

Following a quick attempt at researching sites like Racialicious, Crunk Feminist Collective, Clutch Magazine, and The Root, I came away with the impression that if Blacks can permissibly be accused of hate, it has to be in the context of anti-immigration or homophobia.  When I found an article rebuking a White radio host calling for retaliation against ‘urban thugs’, there was no mention of any flash mob activity.  Going back as far as this May, I didn’t find any serious posts about these flash mobs and the problems they cause.  That’s not to say there aren’t any either on those sites or on any other fairly popular websites aimed at the Black community.

While these instances of race-based street aggression aren’t overtly sexually motivated, I do have an idea of where covert sexual motivation would enter that borders on reading too much into things.  Remember that the mainstream image of a Black male is likely to be hypermasculine in most of the popular portrayals that quickly come to mind.  Now think about how the typical White male is likely to be portrayed as less than hypermasculine outside of action movies and video games (as per the occasional complaints of ‘feminization’).  Finally, take the popular perception that the Black community is far more homophobic than just about any other in the United States.  Mix it all together and you have a plausible case that these attacks are not only racially motivated Black-on-White hate crime, but also sexually motivated straight-on-perceived-fag hate crime.  With all of the anti-bullying campaigns we’ve seen lately as responses to anti-gay violence, the fact that there’s no mainstream anti-flash-mob movement yet tells at the minimum that since the mostly White, male, and presumably heterosexual victims can’t be spun into political underdogs by the mainstream media without additional status modifiers, the lack of widespread public denouncement points to a political motivation to let the mob violence continue under as much cover as possible.

Identity politics aside, these flash mobs are a waste of Black energy.  They attack for no justifiable reason and in a cowardly manner.  They forgo any chance at real change by passing up corrupt bureaucrats or even proven abusive police officers as targets in favor of whatever defenseless-looking White person is in their immediate sights.  They appear far more interested in playing up the “innate Black thuggery threat” card than in actually having the balls to use the mobs to do anything even remotely useful and beneficial.  Contrary to some White Nationalist beliefs, the end result of the increasing racially motivated Black-on-White flash mobs will not be to Black America’s benefit, though it may be of benefit to the PC crowd that wishes to parasitically use Blacks for their own anti-White sentiments.  At the end of the day, flash mobbing won’t fix the deterioration of the Black family, give any marketable skills and training to unemployed Blacks, or get the ape-man stigma off of our backs.

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