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30th post celebration

July 16, 2011

After clicking “publish” on the previous post, I got a message from WordPress:

  • This is your 30th post. Whiz-bang! This post has 520 words.

Time to celebrate with some Kalafina, who you might have been able to see at Anime Expo ’11 if you were luckier than I lucky enough to be able to go , and who I was introduced to through Magia, the ED to Madoka Magica. Count me among those who find Keiko and her voice sexy (see the second verses of Magia and Fairytale)…

As for some of the searches (and number of page views resulting from them) that have landed readers here since mid-April:

  • “touhou wiki” (10)
    The link in the blogroll should be the most recent.
  • demonized “indecent images” or “child porn” (3)
    I personally draw the line at flesh-and-blood preteens portrayed in a sexual manner (particularly if an adult made them do it), not that it will stop our crazed courts from handing out ridiculously long sentences for possessing “indecent” sexual images.
  • nintendo of america xenoblade (1)
    Hopefully, Operation Rainfall can get Nintendo of America to localize at least one out of Xenoblade, The Last Story, and Pandora’s Tower. If they won’t do it for the 18-34 year old male demographic, then I hope they’ll do it for the women that (they) want to get into core gaming on the Wii. Check out The Joystiq Show #3 for an interview.
  • if you not a thug you’re gay (1)
    Gay as in happy, a man sexually attracted to other men, or “you’re weird”?
  • raped by black thug (1), black thug rape (1)
    See “Black Thug Privilege” on this blog.
  • black thug blog (1)
    Well, I am Black, and this is my blog. The ‘thug’ part is the one that doesn’t fit in here.
  • black thug crime (1)
    I don’t have any statistics on hand, sorry.
  • strangeasfiction com (1)
    Checked out the URL. The performance linked to on the front page wasn’t bad.
  • black thug getting rapped (1)
    It’d be nice to know if this was supposed to be ‘wrapped’, ‘raped’, or if someone else thinks setting some good freestyle rappers upon a group of black thugs might make for good youtube video…
  • xillia kruznik spear (1)
    See this subbed video courtesy of Abyssal Chronicles (or the unsubbed version). Note what happens from 5:04 to 5:14. It’s the kind of thing a certain Tales of Vesperia character would have loved to use.
  • rpg same sex romance (1)
    Once RPGs can implement a system of morality or choice that most players will find deeply satisfying, proper implementation of same-sex romance will probably follow. Probably.
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