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She’s a single mother (she’s a single mother)

July 15, 2011

As unpleasant as having to temporarily live in the same house as a single mother and her young boy is in, there are important things that can be learned from it, and these things must be learned if one is to have a better idea of why the future won’t be improving much while it continues.  What can one possibly learn from seeing a glimpse into a life full of frequent screeching outbursts, anger-motivated whippings, and other instances of staged drama?  Plenty…

One can learn that while mommy will occasionally whip her son for some misbehavior, any further discipline won’t be enforced, or that the only other thing besides whipping that will even be threatened is a call to the police.  One can learn that the child will be allowed to get away with certain acts against adults if it’s not considered especially shameful, for example, damaging other people’s property will be treated far more leniently than calling a woman a bitch.  One can learn that the only type of person that will make these wild boys act like they have sense is a grown, able-bodied man between the ages of approximately 20 and 60, and only to the extent that these men remain emotionally detached from the boy while in his presence.  One can learn that contrary to the ideals of gender equality, mommy is free to masculinize herself, but when her son feminizes* herself (by wanting to wear skinny jeans or excessively crying), he is not only promptly mauled around and beaten, but called a faggot or told to stop acting like a little bitch/girl.  One can learn that if there is a little girl around the boy and they both get in trouble, mommy will deal out more punishment towards the boy than towards the girl. One can learn that while mommy is around the house practically all day most of the time, she will avoid doing any activity with her son as often as possible, even going so far as to call some childcare people in to do it instead.

Witnessing all that, it’s not that difficult to make the connection between what these boys experience and the wayward soul they’ll likely grow up to be, especially when the teenage boys doing all kinds of stupid shit in the ‘hood tend to not have a father around on a regular basis if at all.  Seeing mommy silently approve of her son swaggering around the house and acting out the ghetto stereotypes that get regularly blasted out through the speaker system is like a small sound-byte of lessons in Game, especially when there’s no seriously derogatory term that she would dare use to discourage adherence to those ghetto stereotypes.  Given some luck, a boy raised in such an environment might grow up to express his feminine side with frills and bright colors, as opposed to expressing it through constant flare-ups of anger all while not only denying that he’s acting like a woman but also denying that he deserves to receive a whipping for it.

* So, the spellchecker recognizes ‘feminize’, but not ‘masculinize’…that sure says something.


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