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A post of wavering attention

June 1, 2011

Now that info on the RPG of Unwavering Convictions Tales of Xillia includes a JP release date and two informative trailers, I’m gonna go ahead and say that the skepticism I had before – that since Vesperia wasn’t that much different from Abyss in certain respects, Xillia probably wouldn’t be much of an improvement over either – has subsided. That subsided skepticism has made way for other thoughts.

First, the gameplay trailer:

  • 0:15-2:30
  • / Scenic views, easygoing field music, and exercise runs for everyone in the group from the shy loli to the senior citizen.

  • 2:31-3:24
  • / Introduction of DR-LMBS (Double Raid Linear Motion Battle System) with some character support effects, real-time character changing, basic artes, and a lighter tone in both music and environments, likely to be near the beginning of the game. Notably, there’s no indication that Free Run is available.

  • 3:25-4:30
  • / Finally, the Link Artes in motion, courtesy of that flashing gauge on the left. No Mystic Artes are shown, though that’s probably because the flashing gauge wasn’t full. The environments and music change to something likely to be at least after the first act if not toward the end. It took me this long at first to notice that TP regain is rather generous at 4-5 TP per connecting hit compared to 1 TP in Symphonia, Abyss, and Vesperia.

  • 4:34-5:51
  • / A skit I can’t understand with my current knowledge of Japanese with the exception of the “Once More!” followed by “Teach me volleyball!” from 5:20 to 5:26, which is funny enough on its own. Probably a skit unlocked after getting some swimsuit titles/costumes.

    Next, the scenario trailer:

  • 0:00-1:00
  • / Pretty sure I saw most of this before during the very first trailer.

  • 1:22-1:25
  • / Could use a ramp and a backflip.

  • 1:37-1:41
  • / LOL, paper airplane face. The rest of the getup is just as bad (I wonder if that blast of fire was to stop Jude and Milla from laughing). In case you didn’t know, that catchy J-pop tune that started at 0:49 is “progress” by Ayumi Hamasaki, as noted in the lower-right corner.

  • 1:47-1:50
  • / WTF is that green thing on her right thigh? A costume attachment? An outbreak of Chronic Angelus Crystallus Inofficium? A poor attempt to draw attention away from the pantyshots (they’re black, obviously)?

  • 2:05-2:06
  • / Except for that get-out-of-world-sundering-free perk at the end of Symphonia Disc 1 (GC version), I can’t recall any time a giant cannon in a Tales game has meant anything other than trouble whether it’s called a Mana Cannon, Thor’s Hammer, or something else. Maybe this “Kruznik’s Spear” won’t be so devastating after all…

  • 2:26-2:33
  • / …or maybe it will.

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