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Savagery on display

May 8, 2011

Transgender woman walks into McDonald’s, tries to use the women’s restroom, gets beaten into a seizure.  Standard case of transphobia, right? Well, only if your standard case assumes the attackers to be white, male, and “threatened” by the existence of non-heterosexual men…which this case doesn’t line up with…because the attackers were black, female, and “threatened” by well, non-heterosexual men. Oh, of course we can’t always necessarily see the truth stated bluntly when the particulars of the case are this deviant from the norm. I dunno why this is supposed to stay under wraps when on any given day around town you’d be hard-pressed not to hear black women either talking trash about men not being sufficiently hetero or standing there giggling in agreement while wannabe Lil’ Weezy replicas black men talk trash and mix in some threats of beatdowns. It’s not like black women would actually speak up in public where anyone would hear, though you might get that impression while reading stuff on the internet. Perhaps its because the otherwise sassy and outspoken women seek the approval of any man that makes their obsessive hatred of non-hetero men clear that we get these cases of women who will gladly make their stand in public media (where they hope some random uncool guy will argue against them) and make excuses insinuating that those mean nasty men will sexually harass them if they dare speak their true feelings. As if the stakes weren’t much higher for men who fall out of the straights-only lockstep.

Honestly, I don’t like the idea of posing this case as just about scary black people, because that’s just the surface of it. Going deeper, you find that this is what happens when we repeat the lie that blacks are more religious, when really, some will just pretend they’re religious while using religion as a sex regulation manual against men, particularly if they’re ghetto kids. It’s telling that only a older woman tried to stop the fight (and we don’t know whether she knew the victim was trans) while others either watched or laughed. I’d even go so far as to say that these attackers felt they could get away with it because they were women and felt “threatened” by a man being weird. It’s not like they could expect the same length of sentencing for this as a man would, and especially not the same length of sentencing as if they had certain pictures in their possession. Remember, violence against women is always more of a threat, even when it isn’t.

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  1. Mucius Scaevola permalink
    May 15, 2011 8:31 am

    Remember, violence against women is always more of a threat, even when it isn’t”

    the only thing i get told is ‘sack up.’ if women get feminism AND chivalry, why can’t men even break their provider/hero role A LITTLE? its hypocrisy to the fullest. i’ma have to come back here. ur articles are really good.

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