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Oh tri-Ace, you sly foxes

April 29, 2011

Last week:
We get a current-gen console tech demo containing Star Ocean references that lasts about 2 1/2 minutes and “is not related to [their] developing titles at all”.  After following the YouTube link to the R&D department, I read some of the articles and subsequently realized it’ll take a good year at least before I could consistently follow along and know exactly what each term means and the significance thereof, though the equations looked easier to go along with if they are made up of what I think they’re made up of. Still, I heard from somewhere on the internet I don’t remember that there would be a major announcement in April from tri-Ace and this didn’t look like it to me. 😦
Oh, and somewhere else on the internet, a reviewer’s fourth attempt to get into Covenant of the Plume results in a set of epiphanies culminating in an understanding that tri-Ace “roll[s] with a legion of hardcore fans” – a legion I’ve probably been a part of since about early 2002.

This week:
We get announcements of not one but two portable projects between tri-Ace and Konami, called Frontier Gate and Beyond the Labyrinth. Obviously there’s not a lot of information or video out for either yet though that should change by either E3 or TGS. From what’s been shown so far, I’d sum up Frontier Gate as the latest Monster Hunter-like game on PSP and Beyond the Labyrinth as something influenced by Team ICO’s games. Not quite the lighthearted or campy games I’d have expected (not that things can’t change), but promising nonetheless. 🙂
Oh, and for some odd reason, I’m almost sure that the fourth, currently unannounced, game from this thing called the ASKA framework will be the long-awaited Valkyrie Profile 3.  It would fit a usual pattern of Star Ocean being released near the beginning of a console cycle and Valkyrie Profile being released near the end of a console cycle, as seen on PlayStation and PS2.  Not getting a confirmation yet does keep in step with Microsoft and Sony not being as interested as Nintendo in releasing a new console anytime soon.

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