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Dress-up for Defamation

March 26, 2011

Via The False Rape Society, I’ve come across some articles of boys playing into the kind of “dress-up like women” events that are supposed to be about empathizing with the hardships women face. I could comment on how ridiculous and unequal it is that we don’t have as many public events that take gender advocacy the other way. I could comment that there’s always this undertone of shaming involved in telling boys that they have to do this stuff to show that they really care for women since being in the majority of men that simply do not rape and harass women or encourage those that do isn’t enough.

I could go down those paths, but there’s something else that needs to be brought to light. Note that this kind of behavior endorses society’s viewpoint that forced feminization (outside of private, consensual situations) is okay by implying that we shouldn’t have a major problem with this stuff. You know, since it’s okay if we use feminine-coded stuff in an attempt to publicly humiliate men, but god forbid that some men might actually like the stuff and want to show it of their own volition (in an age where Islamic terrorists supposedly hate our freedoms, oddly enough) without basically giving psychos permission to resort to violence and for the rest of the system not to give a fuck about the snuffing out of another life. Would it really be surprising if the true reason some men go to these kinds of events is to cynically take advantage of the opportunity it provides? After all, Halloween is only once a year and we as a culture hate male heterosexuality so much that using publicly-endorsed dress-up days happen to be one of the best preemptive counters against the “he must be gay to do that” meme besides having a girlfriend.

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