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Truth can be as strange as fiction

March 13, 2011

Via Destructoid comes a story right out of Persona 4, dead body high up on an antenna and all. I was a bit skeptical towards this since the Dtoid article links to a site actually called ““, and the last time I looked at a newssite-lookalike with a weird url, it was a fake Miami Herald site with an ad for that “pay $70 to make money posting google ads” scam. That said, I guess it’s a real thing and not some publicity stunt or viral marketing as at least one commenter elsewhere has suggested, since I doubt Atlus USA’s marketing team could be that careless. Careless as in getting the dates wrong since P4 doesn’t even start until April 11, 2011 with the first victim being found the day after. Careless as in a iffy marketing campaign (during a time in which the Supreme Court is already on the issue, iirc) being one possible thing that could sour the happiness of finding out that Catherine will be getting a U.S. release right after we were told that there were no plans to do it.

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