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Marching away from the madness

March 10, 2011

No, this is not about any March Madness teams, games, or brackets…

With that out of the way, let me explain the meaning of the title…

While it’s great to rant about the stupid things society says about men in the media, there simply has to be more to my blog if I’m ever going to write regular posts that don’t feel like a chore. That means stepping back and realizing that no matter how great a fisking I have planned, either it takes so much time to organize my thoughts that publishing the post doesn’t even feel rewarding, or that another blogger I could just link to will be able to do a better job than me. Therefore, instead of a post in which I’d have hoped to unleash a pack of hellhounds starving dire wolves upon the fresh red meat of a post that suggests sinister motives for a high school boy refusing to wrestle a girl (well, in the gym anyway), you’re getting a post about the few things that have kept me from wanting to continue on that matter.

  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica : As of the end of episode 6, this series has impressed me such that I’m glad I replaced HeartCatch PreCure with this for “magical girl anime to kill time watching”. Whereas the twist in episode 3 has lost its shock value for me due to it’s status as a meme and the fun that has been poked at it, episode 6 is the first time in a while that I’ve actually thought about how fucked up something is within a fictional work, which is different from how fucked up something is in real life since there’s so much more to choose from. I’ve already accidentally read about something bad that’s going to happen in episode 8, but it also seems that it must pale in comparison to whatever happens in 9 according to the few sites I’ve visited.
  • Le Ali Del Principio : I’ve been to the “Crowning Music of Awesome” entry for Baten Kaitos on TVTropes before, and yet I missed this. I also missed both Baten Kaitos games even when I had my Gamecube, with the reason for missing out on the second one being that I was too absorbed into World of Warcraft at the time (and to think I worked at an electronics store where I could have gotten it discounted (sigh)) – the same reason I missed out on other PS2 / Xbox360 games I could have bought when they were first released. As great as this piece is, I’m not quite ready to place it ahead of Divine View or Silk Road in The Sky (I) as my favorite slow Motoi Sakuraba compositions yet.
    [Note to self: If I ever meet my Italian teacher again and we have a conversation about something, TELL HER ABOUT THIS SONG!]
  • The Android SDK : here I was thinking that after getting a prepaid Android 2.1 phone and the SDK installed onto my system, that I’d be able to understand more than the first couple of pages of the Hello World tutorials. That I’d be able to get the USB driver to install on my system so I could debug applications on my own phone. Instead, I still don’t know how to draw images or shapes to the screen, the tutorials I’ve seen take a jump in difficulty from easy to complicated, and quite frankly, I’m already using the Windows Phone 7 tools & XNA to take text and be able to drag it around the screen within the phone emulator in probably half the time. It helps that I have experimented with XNA for desktop apps already and there’s not much difference between the desktop tools and the WP7 tools. This is not to say that I won’t continue working with the Android SDK, but I tend to lose interest when a programming language or its tools doesn’t give me that feeling of steadily learning more and being able to experiment as I go along.
  • Go check out those links if you haven’t already…you just might discover something that will make you happy that there’s more to life than the silliness that news is sometimes made of.

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