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Some better questions to ask

February 27, 2011

Where have the good men gone?
Unlike a certain Wall Street Journal article that makes a frivolous article out of that question, I’m not going to waste a lot of space trying to answer it, since that’s already been done so well elsewhere. Instead, I’d rather ask some better questions about this trend in trend journalism.

1. [The Name-Drop Question] Why do “Star Wars”, “Call of Duty”, “Knocked Up”, “Xbox Live”, and “World of WarCraft” seem to get frequent mentions?
Maybe there’s an advertising or shout-out angle, though it doesn’t look as though the writers actually enjoy playing/watching anything they mention. Maybe they think these popular products matter most to a “slacker” culture, which sure does a lot to make other things like Team Fortress, Mass Effect, Street Fighter, Nintendo, etc. fairly damned invisible even though they’re popular too. Oh, and what’s with leaving out any anime, books, and music?  Slacker guys like that stuff too, you know?

2. [The Representation Question] Why don’t these big-name writers ever go out and actually talk to some of these slacker guys in a large enough sample?
No matter how much pop culture is to blame, consulting the works of Seth Rogen and Judd Apatow has its very restrictive limits. The misandry involved in thinking these two can speak for rather than to a large population of men with varying tastes (once you relieve them of the need to act a certain way in front of their friends and women they wish to attract) should be astounding to anyone that sees men as human beings and not social constructs to be molded by a minority of extremely wealthy men. There is no excuse for not reaching out to large numbers of men and learning more from them than what will be used to “prove” that they are [insert offensive term here]. Getting some guy to play ass-kissing toady with everything the article claims is not proof or an acceptable, generalizable man’s viewpoint.

3. [The Motivation Question] Where do they think the “good men” are going to come from if not by dedicating at least half of society to actually caring about men with more sincerity than sarcasm?
Let’s face it, mockingly asking “What about the menz?” in order to evade the issue is just begging for a random man to eventually flip the fuck out and inflict yet another traumatic injury on the collective consciousness of society. Sincerely offering men a truly satisfying adult existence would go far in increasing satisfaction for men and the women who want sexual relationships with them. In neither case will hetero men like being coerced into hating themselves to the supposed benefit for all, which is unfortunately what these kinds of trend articles try to do.

4. [The Matrimonial Question] Why is marriage considered so important, yet the problems with it are not?
Divorce and adultery rates matter. The costs of weddings and divorces matter. The (un)spoken rules, regulations, and enforcement of those rules and regulations inside and outside a marriage matter. These things matter, and they matter more than treating “getting married” as an Xbox Achievement/PS3 Trophy. Ignoring this is the true threat to the sanctity of marriage and families today, bar none. If any so-called “defender of marriage” really cares, they’d do well to castigate marriage-pushers as potentially dangerous people.

5. [The Causal Question] Why bring up the fact that men appear to be so lost and challenged in their identities if neither proper sources nor solutions are given?
I get that feminists don’t want to enlighten anyone on how years of suppressing male voices with spammed cries of misogyny and demands for resignation (among other things) would obviously lead to the situation in which “Today’s pre-adult male is like an actor in a drama in which he only knows what he shouldn’t say”. I get that any solution that doesn’t involve men lying down and taking abuse while being gender policed into not saying anything offensive unless it’s targeted towards hetero men will be fought against. I do not get whose kind of benefit this is supposed to serve outside of a government that wishes to grow in power for every problem society creates – a government that will eventually turn its overwhelming power back on those who worked to make it grow while leaving the men it was built to oppress nearly unable to fight it.

Those questions and more are in far greater need of being investigated as much as possible. It would be far more helpful than vapid trend articles meant to guilt-trip men that aren’t supposed to fight back without being co-opted by feminism along the way. That said, I’m just another slacker without a prestigious career or marriage prospects, so feel free to be offended by what I’ve said while ignoring the truth behind it.

Taken from ""p.s.: While I’m at it, why not indulge in some “objectification of women”, like slackers are supposed to do? This should have gone in the previous post with an “I’d wear that and I’d hit that” caption, but I tried and failed to find some Pascal x Emeraude. It’s a crack pairing, I know, but not as bad a crack pairing as Kay Hymowitz x A Self-Respecting Man.

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