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Tales of Graces: Fuckyeah!

February 9, 2011

Dear Namco Bandai Games:

Thank you for (finally) listening to your rather persistent Tales series fanbase (even though I wasn’t among those who used Facebook or sent emails or anything); for agreeing to localize a main series title that uses Mutsumi Inomata’s character designs for the first time since Tales of Eternia some nine or ten years ago; for challenging my theory that any game in the series that didn’t use the traditional TP pool for arte usage had just about no chance in hell at a localized release compared to a game that used Inomata’s designs (it can’t be a coincidence that the two almost always go hand in hand); and for giving me something exciting to blog about lest anyone get the idea from my other posts that all I do is complain about the many stupid things in this world.

Now it’s just a matter of waiting to find out whether the game’s gonna be on Wii or more likely on PS3, what the release date will be, and who’s going to be dubbing the Manic Pixie Ruin Maniac they call “Pascal” if not Laura Bailey.


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