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When hate is all they have

December 19, 2010

Whenever I see one of those articles that are centered on denying men pleasure in entertainment, it’s just one more piece of evidence that some people don’t really want better female characters written by talented female writers for entertainment created by female staff so much as they want hetero men to hate themselves for their natural interests. They don’t want men to be unashamed of sexual happiness so much as they want men to feel threatened, unwanted, and unneeded unless they’re gay and/or willing to sell their soul to feminists. Yet, they don’t see the hypocrisy of women demanding more pleasing experiences for themselves while wishing to deny pleasing experiences to men.

As ugly and vapid as the increase of “grimdark” has apparently become in fantasy works, I find it laughable that there are enough misandric nitwits that would have no problem with injecting the gender-based equivalent into whatever they could get away with. It’s laughable and predictable that these people would think heterosexual men will idly put up with being assaulted with hateful, grotesque portrayals of themselves, and that it is the answer to increasing the self-esteem and well-being of everyone else. After all, if women hate being portrayed as eternal victims and rape fodder, what the hell makes them think men like being portrayed as eternal rapists and psychopaths any better, besides the so-called privilege that they say comes with it?

Anyone who thinks men (especially hetero but also some gay or bi men) will magically turn into kinder, more generous people when subjected to constant hate directed towards their sexuality not only has very little experience with typical everyday men on a personal, human level, but they are also indirectly responsible for those psychopaths that actually do horrible shit while “enlightened” men sit by and feel politically-motivated guilt over mere sexual happiness as a result of consuming entertainment. Why should I have to feel uncomfortable with Bayonetta as a character (if I was to ever be comfortable with her in the first place) when you could just find a character that makes you feel comfortable and leave me the fuck alone? We should be smart enough as Americans and human beings to know that behind certain criminals are men who grew tired of a society that hated to see them happy and instead assaulted them with psychological torment that no one seemed to care about and lies about privilege. We should know better than to tempt the devil and play with fire, but I guess playing politics makes it all worth it.

While it certainly may feel great to uphold cute little tenets that entertainment shouldn’t be so often geared towards heterosexuals, or men, or the cisgendered, or white people, those cute little tenets have no real meaning if we’re not also encouraging as many people as possible to create whatever worthwhile entertainment they wish to and market the hell out of it. Simply creating political movements demanding that major companies give you whatever you ask for is more childish than creative. Asking popular people to tailor-make the perfect escapist fantasy for you and your kind is a waste of time compared to finding the tools and the time to do it yourself.  If I want realistic, not-so-ghetto black people in a given work, I’d rather take my chances doing it myself or finding a lesser-known author than demand that Tyler Perry or Take-two Interactive do it.  Nothing like showing those big companies who’s boss by failing to produce worthy competition that puts bullet holes through their profit margins, eh?

Merely desiring more misery and more “grimdark” in the minds of heterosexual men while ignoring the need for variety and action is nothing but hate, hate directed at men in a society that supposedly favors men, but hate nonetheless.  I don’t want any God-damned grimdark in my sexual identity and neither should you.  However, I’d enjoy meaningfully pleasuring moments, just like you.

You do enjoy sexual pleasure, don’t you?

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  1. fragileswan permalink
    December 25, 2010 10:41 pm

    What a Great Post! But what does grimdark mean?

    • yooknohoo permalink*
      December 26, 2010 6:49 am

      See the link in the second paragraph for an explanation.


  1. I guess that’s how he trolls « "What is a blog?"

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