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The difference between a Medal of Honor and Medal Of Honor

November 18, 2010

What would you do when a soldier does something brave and gets rewarded for it, while still living? Well, I’d commend Army Sgt. Salvatore Giunta for his courage under fire that paid off for two other fellow soldiers. It does make a lot of sense, doesn’t it? Even though I wish our “leaders” hadn’t decided to jump into Afghanistan and Iraq when they did, you still gotta show respect to those who risk their lives.

On the other hand, yet another sex-crazed Republican decided that the Medal of Honor has now been “feminized” by giving it to a real-life badass for not killing people. I’m desensitized to this kind of crap enough to know that attempting to seriously understand this line of un-reason is an exercise in futility. I can only think of a handful of hypotheses:

  • The sex-crazed Republican lacks pride in his heterosexuality, only seeing it as a status marker rather than a God-given gift to enjoy with a good woman. Therefore, “feminization” is always a bad thing to be vehemently hated, and even if something lacks feminization, it can easily be assumed to fall in the category of “homoerotic” if there’s too many men (not that women have to put up with this garbage nearly as much). The only way to win this sorry game is to be one of a tiny percentage of men that can surround himself with lots of submissive women and have other men not just notice it, but seethe with envy.
  • The sex-crazed Republican is pissed off at the cool kids that can dominate in a game of Halo: Reach, Call of Duty: Black Ops, the new Medal Of Honor, or any other FPS that gets enough attention these days and knows he’s too old to get back at the cool kids, no matter how many hours he spends practicing…thus, a fixation on kill ratios as opposed to rescue ratios in real life. Note that this kind of person is not likely to be used in a study on violent videogames and their effects on the mind.
  • The sex-crazed Republican has a shadow on the other side of the TV that fears being turned into a woman, but has not yet been pulled into the TV world himself. Someone in his hometown should keep an eye on their blank television the next rainy midnight (but refrain from contacting the authorities if anything unusual is seen). Said sex-crazed Republican may benefit from facing his true self. Said sex-crazed Republican may benefit more from entering a tower on a full moon and shooting himself in the head before the reaper shows up and does it for him.
  • The sex-crazed Republican is angry that this “feminization” is not being forced on anyone. Anyone who’s followed his crowd enough should know that they don’t oppose feminization when idiotic “normal” straight men stalk and kill another man for being too feminine (forcing their pain onto their victim), but they do oppose feminization when a straight man wants to exercise his God-given, American freedom to want to wear frilly dresses or cry during chick flicks. It doesn’t surprise me that the sex-crazed Republican hates having to recognize the efforts of a specific man that could actually feel comfortable touching other men (I’m assuming that at least one of the two soldiers Giunta save were male) without having to take violent compensatory measures.
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