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Why is school bullying on the rise?

October 22, 2010

Some may say it’s because parents don’t do enough, some may say it’s because the faculty don’t do enough. However, I dare say that it’s because the bullied don’t do enough when they have the chance. Remember back when bullied schoolkids brought weapons on campus with the intent to injure or kill their tormentors? Yes, I know it may seem weird for me to almost be pining for a mythical age where bullies could end up being the prey instead of the predator, but it’s not all that strange of an idea. As the latest major case shows, yet another “gay” student has suffered at the hands of the deranged who would dare call themselves defending normality; one Tyler Clementi.

Speaking as one who responded to grade-school bullying with either immediate retaliation or schemes to go to school with a mask and a baseball bat that were foiled before they could be carried out, I feel I can make the case that being in the principal’s office, detention, or questioned by police is vastly preferable to being too scared to go to school or actually contemplating a suicide that will only mean victory to the enemy and a loss to everyone else. If the “It Gets Better Project” on Youtube were to accept submissions from us oppressive, vile, heterosexual men, I might even submit at least an audio monologue on why being unrepentantly violent toward those who bully you in school is something we should encourage as many people as we can to engage in. Not that I’ll expect those who would rather these victims just try to keep talking it out and eventually die to care…

About Clementi, I’m not going to follow the “he must have been gay” line of thinking simply because I detest using “gay” as some kind of sexual black hole in which a man gets drawn into with little to no chance of escape. He could have been gay, or bi, or attracted to one specific friend that happened to be male while otherwise straight. Unfortunately we won’t be able to get the word from him now, and the fact that his last message made no mention of his sexuality makes me suspect anyone that tries to give him a definite orientation of using him for a political agenda.

Go read all “The Queer Thing About School Shooters” posts at The Republic of T. and think for a minute about what the difference is between now and then. Note that boys are still being bullied for perceived gayness, but now aren’t even fighting back. Note that in order to even give a damn about school bullying, we apparently have to make the boys into GLBT martyrs instead of people who go to school for learning and not suffering. This is what sickens me to the extent that my soul can still be sickened by lunacy in this world as opposed to dulled and driven to indifference. I’m not saying these boys or any other victims should have taken it, I’m saying they should have taken it to their enemies. The fight, that is, not just easily ignored complaints. Once you realize that the faculty won’t save you either for legal or moral reasons, once you realize that your parents won’t always be there to help, once you realize that bullies will do what they can when either they outnumber the adults or there are no adults, the answer to cutting back on bullying should be made easier to see – fight back and harm your enemies in whichever way you can.  If bullies actually have reason to fear for their lives (and not some bullshit “but someone’ll think I’m gay if I don’t harass them” red herring but actual “this nigga might fuck around and kill me” fear), bullies who care about living freely should lower in number.

If you’re going to suffer, so should they.  Taking any other position will only embolden the terrorists, so to speak.

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