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He thinks he’s Big Meech – do you?

September 6, 2010

Why would a educated Black man want to feel like Big Meech?

Actually, I don’t think that’s as surprising as a certain Clutch Magazine writer feels it must be. Naturally, the writer in question doesn’t seem too interested in comparing alternative images of Black men in media, which isn’t surprising when you consider that there isn’t much else in those alternatives that Black men can feel good aspiring to. I also wouldn’t call this an actual “syndrome” without at least widespread anecdotal data, then again I’m not convinced “restless leg” is a real syndrome either, and so I digress…

I’d rather ask why mainstream media thinks Black men either have to be violent thugs, uninvolved fathers, or otherwise a threat to the system. At least there we can establish a link between the Big Meech image and why it just so happens to have caught on so well.  Hearing most rap currently on the radio be about having and spending lots of money makes a weirdly optimistic kind of sense in a economic recession. Hearing rap be about men having sex with lots of women and leaving out everything else appears to make sense if we just lie back and think of how manly that rapper must be for having sex with lots of women. Hearing rap be about a man and his gun collection and what he’ll do with that collection is an effective way of validating that part of the system that already implies Black men must be subjugated for all to be well. In the end, it’s just a bunch of obfuscation to hide ugly truths. Ugly truths such as the numerous crises affecting the country, the forcing of heterofragility on Black men so they’ll play into the system’s “hypermasculine” memes, and a suspicious lack of rugged White male country singers bragging about their fondness for shotgun weddings and queer-smearings, something I’m sure they could get away with if they wanted to.

The crazy thing about Blowin’ Money Fast is that I do in fact “enjoy” it in the sense that I’ll let it play all the way through and turn up the volume when I’m at work, something that I won’t do for anything by any member of Young Money, “Teach Me How To Dougie” (for a while), “My Chick Bad”, or several other songs currently getting play. Come to think of it, “B.M.F.” was also on that vest Stone Cold Steve Austin used to wear back when the WWE was the WWF…didn’t it mean “Bad Mother Fucker” then? Could that same meaning be placed into the Rick Ross/Styles P song?

Hat tip to Obsidian for the link to the article!

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