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Why gay/trans panic is about misandry (2)

August 20, 2010

While the last post about the Roy Jones murder was somewhat limited in scope, I’d like to make a few more points about the devaluing of men that defy gender roles, the reluctance to recognize when a man is victimized, and the rush to call for gay/trans advocacy. At this link, there is the first and so far only coverage of the murder I’ve found that actually brings up another possible motivation other than ‘misogyny’ or ‘homophobia’, best summed up as ‘evil stepparent’.

Now about the devaluation of men that don’t conform to gender roles, is it me, or do most of the men who are victims of gender panics resemble some version of “weak woman” that the perps seem to be drawn to? Where are the large numbers of leathermen and bears being victimized because they’re not hetero? Where are these ‘misogynists’ that know in the bottom of their rotten souls that they wouldn’t hurt a woman or girl just for crying and acting weak, but will hurt a man or boy for it? Why do we call these guys ‘misogynists’ if they say women are so weak and leave them be, but not many people are as eager to call them ‘misandrists’ when they hunt and kill a man for looking weak (to them)? I think it’s for the same reason that stories like this cause people to miss the forest for the trees and look for anything to add on to the story so that we don’t focus on the simple fact that Pedro Jones killed Roy Jones, another man’s child, because he hated however he thought girls act enough to project it onto a defenseless infant boy. Things like this will happen as long as we teach men to hate themselves and other men for not living up to images of “real men”.

There’s lots of sickening things about anyone who acts like they’re ‘defending’ manliness from “teh gays” by killing ‘effeminate’ men, including:

  • Going after those assumed to be defenseless, though of course the defender is supposed to be so tough as to take anyone head-on, honorably, and fearlessly
  • Getting away with employing the panic defense in the first place, although the defender is supposed to be so stoic and in control of his emotions because strong emotions are for…not-hetero-men
  • Having comparatively little problem with women appropriating men’s stuff, more of a problem with men appropriating women’s stuff, and the most problem with the idea that most stuff doesn’t actually need to be appropriated by either gender to keep heterosexuality alive

  • Know what’s even more sickening though?
    In the end, nothing is defended that might matter (life, liberty, pursuit of happiness), and everything that doesn’t need to be defended is (a status quo that hates men expressing anything but wealth or anger [see most mainstream rap music these days], political culture that assumes women are hated far more than men and that is most of what matters). In the end, a man that succumbs to gay/trans panic will meaninglessly sacrifice himself to be used by a system that doesn’t actually care about him or anyone like him. Most public opinion won’t even care that yet another man has died over something stupid, though they’ll definitely care that a man did the killing. It won’t care that it was another man that died over something stupid, though they’ll care about his race, class, and sexuality.

    Succumbing to gay/trans panic will just keep the GLBT advocacy machine running smoothly, giving them just what they need to justify “shoving their sexuality down our throats” — increasing visibility and representation in media as they call it (which will be used to justify more panic, gee what a convenient breakable cycle we have here), while eclipsing any non-macho non-stereotypical hetero man advocacy machine, if such a machine even runs. Before anyone asks, no, I won’t count anything that has a major connection to feminism because men being unoffensive, non-confrontational sycophants that hold everything women desire as sacred doesn’t appeal to me. It’s just another way of saying “who gives a fuck about men besides when they do something wrong”.

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