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Why gay/trans panic is about misandry

August 8, 2010

In yet another case of stupidity making people think stupid thoughts which lead to stupid actions, some evil man decided to kill a 16-month old boy for “acting like a girl”.  In the several accounts I’ve come across on a few blogs so far (such as at this link), the response of course is a predictable rant about sexism and misogyny and homophobia.  In other words, no one cares enough to point out the significant anti-maleness and what I’m going to call pro-heterofragility attitudes in the fact that like most of the people on the Transgender Day of Remembrance website, the victim was born male and died for supposedly being too feminine.  It sure would be easier for me to buy the misogyny explanation more if I saw widespread coverage of a higher number of actual/perceived lesbians being attacked or female-born transpeople being attacked for acting too masculine, where the attackers complain that it’s just a woman underneath all those clothes so it’s okay.  Hell, it’d be easier for me to buy the misogyny explanation if there were more FtM transpeople than MtF.

To add to the lunacy of the murder case above, apparently the evil bastard would only get 5 to 25 years if convicted, yet the Duke lacrosse guys were facing 30 years each for rape/sexual harassment of a stripper.  WTF?  This is supposed to be a patriarchy that values  maleness and men accused of sexually violating women get larger sentences than men who kill baby boys because of their own gender issues?  Some patriarchy that is – it can’t even properly value the common everyday male as a human being more than as a symbol of “power”. No wonder the trend journalists in the media seem to see enough aimless, angry men to write articles about stuff like the “End of Men”. Apparently, TVtropes was right…Men Are The Expendable Gender. By the way, why isn’t there a relentlessly sadistic prosecutor that would push for a life sentence without parole or the death penalty in this case?

Until the vast majority of society can get over the whole male + femininity = shameful complex, we will continue to spread the nightmarish fiction (no relation to the kick-ass Nightmare Fiction from Blazblue: Continuum Shift or Avenged Sevenfold’s Nightmare) that it is okay to 1) devalue a man/boy’s life for their association with femininity, 2) disrespectfully make most if not all of the conversation that follows this about “misogyny” despite the fact that there are women that participate in said devaluation, knowing that when their gender expression gets policed, they will get more sympathy than the man/boy they shame, 3) allow the legal system to give very lenient sentences to criminals that assault or kill because of their own sexual neuroses.  There’s not much more that screams “present-day dystopia” to me louder than the gender police trying to catch me riding girly (as in the sense of Chamillionaire’s “Riding Dirty”) so they could get off on their brand of police brutality.  Of course, I will propose 2 admittedly semi-realistic ways of helping end the bullshit, at the end of the post.  Someone with a better grasp on medicine and law who gives a fuck about the invisible men who actually experience the craziness of gender panics can come up with real solutions.

How people can claim that heterosexuality (especially in men) is the non-lacking norm when we act like men are poorly-leveled pen-and-paper RPG characters with high vulnerability to homosexuality and low intellect is beyond me as usual. Am I supposed to find the idea that anyone somehow has a right to cast “Feminine Shame” (either a single-target or area-of-effect version), watch it “weaken” the target(s) over time, allow the caster or other players to kill the target(s) and somehow not call them Irredeemably Chaotic Evil, deserving of very harsh GM punishment at the end of it all, okay? Because I don’t. In fact, anyone who believes that would have to be an idiot who enjoys forgetting that a man is not homo if he does not have an exclusive attraction to other men, no matter how much “softness” we are invited to throw at him to see how much sticks. Furthermore, said idiot would also have to enjoy ignoring the fact that if a man can be vulnerable to homosexuality, he can also be resistant to it and this is far more likely in real heterosexual men that don’t buy into the lie of constantly having to prove themselves.  It would make the idiot in question a sort of bizarro-Yotsuba that enjoys everything related to hating men who dare to not seek validation from them.  You know, just like men are supposed to act anyway according to the advertisers in our media.

*Method 1 of ending bullshit gay/trans panic [spoilers and references below]
-* Needed implements: 1 Xbox 360, 1 copy of Tales of Vesperia to be played to completion, 1 proper brainwave reading apparatus, 1 taser gun or similar shock administering device

–* Methodology:
— If the subject has a problem with Yuri looking like a girl or with Karol having a girly name more than with Rita looking like a boy and smacking Karol and Raven around with no retaliation throughout the game, tase the subject.  (Base Arte)
— If the subject is more glad that Cumore dies because he looked fruity anyway rather than the fact that he was a corrupt authority figure mistreating the citizens of a desert town, tase the subject. (Arcane Arte)
— If the subject is distraught that the final boss who arguably looks more like a girl than Yuri and Cumore combined doesn’t die in the end, tase the subject. (Altered Arte)
— If the subject doesn’t get at least 500 Achievement points, over 9000 GRADE, and all of the Fell Arms during the first playthrough in under 100 hours, repeatedly tase the subject, call them homophobic slurs, and make sure they understand this is nowhere near the level of pain and fear someone they may wish to victimize would feel. Bonus points if subject redirects their urge to engage in gay/trans panic into forming or joining a group that will pay Namco Bandai’s U.S. offices repeated visits and demand that they at l(e)ast release the main Tales of games that have not gotten Western releases yet. (Burst Arte)
— If the subject still goes on to kill someone they feel or know is gay or trans after the above steps, take a police officer in the act of brutally beating a black man they’re arresting, pull the son of a bitch off the black man and kick him in the stomach, give them a machete, and make them do their best impression of Savage Wolf Fury on the subject, confirming the subject’s death afterwards.  Bonus points (+187.00 GRADE?) for sending the corpse to anyone who ever told the subject it’s okay to use the gay/trans panic defense. (Mystic Arte) [spoilers end here]

*Method 2
-* Needed implements: Enough farm-grown corn that would otherwise end up as more unneeded high-fructose corn syrup in our diets, Nationwide tour planning, thrill-seeking crowds looking for fun and (possible) prizes

–* Methodology:
— Tie up anyone found assaulting or killing someone in a case of gay/trans panic, invite families and friends to pelt the
sorry excuse of a human, offer prizes for most stylish/pain-inducing/athletic throw.
— Make the atmosphere at the event a place to otherwise socialize, meet dates, hold workshops on what real human sexuality is like and how the media and religion and government would rather have you fucked up in the head than learn the truth and act like a sane human being, etc.
— Especially make sure that men get the message that they are the biggest losers in the gay/trans panic game because everyone else will get to have fun at their expense, that they will essentially be as a defeated faceless mook that the Big Bads of gender panic didn’t really care about anyway, reinforcing their expendability.

[ This post is brought to you by Nocturne of the Wind because Lunar Silver Star Story/Harmony > gender panic, Jenny Stigile’s voice > gender panic, Jenny Stigile on Youtube dancing and singing to “You Are My Sunshine” > gender panic, and posting things in need of being said that I can’t trust anyone else to say for me > gender panic ]


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