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Try Used, Buy New

February 12, 2010

Has anyone else thought that part of the reason the used games market poses a problem to sales of new games (if all the articles I’ve read on the subject are right and I remember what I read well enough) is because if I were to walk into Gamestop not entirely sure that I’ll really like whatever game I’m intent on buying, I’d be better off getting a used copy that can be returned for a refund instead of a new copy that can’t be returned for a refund? For this post, assume that the game can’t be rented and no one you know has it for you to play. If the used game is in good condition and with the manual (or good enough in-game help), then it’s more advantageous to get the used copy, though that means the developers don’t get any money from that purchase. Speaking of developers and money, wouldn’t it be a decent idea for buyers of used games to have the option of making a small donation to the developers, just as you’d be given the option to buy an extended warranty/replacement?

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