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Rated “F” for Feminine…

February 12, 2010

So, here’s the story behind this post…first I read a post wherein several topics were connected some few months ago, and just recently came across a more focused post.  While it’s cool to see people recognize that a man in “woman’s clothing” doesn’t have to be the most humiliating in the world, there’s something that’s missing from these kinds of discussions…the first post kinda looks like it’ll touch on it and doesn’t quite do so, and the second never even bothers.  Basically, no one seems to want to bravely step forth and say that some hetero men could actually get into this kind of thing or at least not be overcompensatingly disturbed by it without wanting listeners to assume that this just has to be primarily a gay man’s domain, or a pervert’s hobby.

What if most of the discomfort being faced comes from people having so little faith in average men being heterosexual and enjoying it (outside of any political event where this will be argued long enough to deny non-heterosexuals something or another) that any man who dares to do “feminine” things and not hate it is seen as corrupted by whatever activity is involved?  Well, then there would be a need for something to reassure those sexually confused people that a hetero man is a hetero man as long as he wants to fuck women, so allow me to introduce a somewhat new concept with a fancy name; the I’d Wear That And I’d Hit That rule.  Yes, I know it’s not the most politically correct name to make up for this and I don’t care…the point is that it’s a easy-to-understand, soundbyte-able idea.  Let’s take an example: yesterday, I saw such a fine woman that I figured she would have been just as attractive naked or wearing whatever I had on as she was in her top, skirt, tights, and boots.  If I had a friend or two there to show off to, I could have even taken a moment to say “Damn, I’d wear that and I’d hit that!”.  See how it works?  Reassuring others of your hetero-ness and expressing interest in doing feminine things has never been easier! [/marketing speak]

I’d Wear That And I’d Hit That” is a name I’ve only thought up recently, though the basic idea’s been there in my head since at least puberty, with all the semesters in school, residency changes, consumption of entertainment, etc. that has followed.  I know I’m not the only man with such interests, though I wouldn’t give a damn if I were.  After all, life is better spent coming to terms with who you and dealing with it than obssessing over being “normal”. Down that road lies madness and suffering…

One more time, guys…I’d Wear That and I’d Hit That!

(There’s a joke about clips and emptying somewhere, but I shouldn’t have to make it obvious)


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