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A Follow-up analysis

September 30, 2009

In the previous post, I tried and perhaps failed to understand just how gay marriage is capable of turning heterosexual men away from women. While I don’t doubt that latently homosexual or bisexual men may wind up leaving a woman for a man, assuming hetero men would do the same if gay marriage were to be legalized really seems like a stretch, as if hetero men are only hetero as long as lots and lots of rules and restrictions stay in place. Such a opinion would be better off outright declaring heterosexuality in men to be less about being freely attracted to women and more about being coerced into that attraction for the sake of making our precious morals look a certain way.

Anyway, there was a sort of follow-up post about the subject that makes less sense than the other one. The argument this time is that somehow, even though men are naturally sexually adventurous, being permissive towards gay marriage will encourage hetero men to treat women even worse than they do now. Taken another way, there’s an implication that being less permissive toward gay marriage will encourage hetero men to treat women better. What makes this ridiculous is that there is no mention of problems between gay men not being the responsibility of hetero couples and vice versa, an omission that practically negates the valid point about sexual adventurism being on the rise since the 1960s.

Keep in mind that hetero men are under pressure to stay away from things associated with gay men, at least to the extent that the ruling class is kept happy. If out-of-control promiscuity is supposed to be the domain of gay men, then why not argue that “normalization” of homosexuality will possibly drive some men into serial monogamy where women (and men) may be hurt less by sexual adventuring? Could it be that given a choice between preventing heteropromiscuity and preventing gay marriage, that they’d rather go for the latter even though the loud protestations by the Christian marriage defenders in question point to the former? If this is the case, I’d like to point back to that last sentence of the previous paragraph so that the point made there really sticks out. If not, better explanations must be conveyed why of all the things we must defend marriage from, gays and lesbians get very high priority.

Oh, and remember when I said that I’d hold Tri-Ace, Namco Tales Studio, and Capcom in higher regard than David Klinghoffer and Joshua Berman? I still do, and that just might be discussed in the next post.  It would be better than trying to refute that “all porn makes you homosexual” thing you may have heard about recently.

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